Why is Russia classified as an emerging market?

Why is Russia classified as an emerging market? 2. What are some of the major risks and challenges of doing business in Russia? 3. Provide two recommendations for foreign firms that wish to do business in Russia


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Research Project on Ethical Problem – Part IV: Final Essay Global Ethics PHIL 3240 – 31703 Spring 2021

Basic information: – Due Sunday, April 11, by 11:59 PM, through uLearn (see link to submit assignment) – Format: Typed in MLA format – Include a Works Cited page – Length of assignment: 4 to 6 pages, not including a Works Cited page (no more than 20 pages, please!)


Using the earlier notes, proposal, and research, write an essay that examines a compelling ethical problem. Your response should include: • At least two sources that provide background information on the topic • At least one source that define or describe the ethical framework you use to analyze the problem (this source can be a chapter from the textbook) • A sustained developed argument that offers a clear, coherent position to defend • Sufficient, relevant evidence and a valid chain of logic • Describing and responding to a counterargument (or if needed, an alternative proposal) that a reasonably skeptical person would think of, having read the basics of your argument • A Works Cited page of your sources that uses MLA Format As always with an academic essay, take time to plan and organize your response. Let me know if you have any questions,

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