You realize that a key public sector consideration was ignored thus far in planning

You realize that a key public sector consideration was ignored thus far in planning: namely, potential ethical conflicts. Using ASPA’s Code of Ethics, consider any potential issues of ethical concern with the proposed solution. These can include but are not limited to any potential conflicts of interest, code of conduct, acknowledging the true picture of all stakeholders, and other issues related to social responsibility. Talking points may be phrases or full sentences. Support your bulleted talking points with a minimum of five scholarly resources. In addition to these specific resources, other appropriate resources—such as agency or government documents—may be included. Length 1-page 2. In preparation for the upcoming town hall forum, your supervisor also needs estimated cost figures for the proposed solution to provide leadership. Budgets are increasingly tighter and scrutinized by both internal and external stakeholders, and solid budgetary support is crucial for any new projects. To gain budgetary support from within, costs must be verified using reliable frameworks or models. Using the model from this week’s readings, estimate short- and long-term costs of the proposed solution. For each phase of the proposed solution (short- and long-term), please include the following: Direct costs Potential expenses related to risks and liabilities Intangible costs Costs borne by others An Excel spreadsheet with sufficient detail is required. Length: 2-pages for Excel spreadsheet; 3.Leadership is incredibly impressed with the information you have provided on the proposed solution thus far. They promote you to Senior Program Manager and want you to oversee the implementation of the proposed project if it is approved. Since you are now the project’s expert, they now want you to attend the next leadership meeting and provide additional insight regarding implementation considerations. Create a PowerPoint presentation in which you outline and justify an implementation strategy. The implementation strategy should include the following project-related information: Major milestones with estimated dates Possible considerations (public outcry, weather and other delays, major elections, etc.) at each milestone Potential actions to optimize considerations Resources Support your presentation with at least five scholarly resources. In addition to these specific resources, other appropriate resources such as agency or government documents may be included. Be sure to include citations for quotations and paraphrases with references in APA format and style. Save the file as PPT with the correct course code information. Length: 12-slides (with a separate reference slide) Notes Length: 200 words


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