US trade war with China Literature Review

Topic: US trade war with China * Literature Review * Your literature review should be about 6 – 8 pages long and summarize the extant scholarly literature on the topic you chose in the Week 6 DEx (though you are free to change it if you wish).


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It should also critically assess what questions the literature as adequately answered and, most importantly, what questions or aspects of the topic remain unanswered, in dispute, or unexplored.

The literature review must end with the identification of an unanswered question and/or promising avenue of future research and a research question relevant to it. * Note: Do not fall into the trap of writing a term paper on your topic or simply writing a summary of several papers.

The idea is to get an idea of the scholarly research on your topic as a whole and to assess a promising line of inquiry that builds on it and adds to it. The literature review should not just summarize the scholastic literature on a particular topic but should integrate it into a coherent narrative. A collection of paragraphs each summarizing a different source is NOT a literature review; it is an annotated bibliography. The literature review should focus on scholastic sources (such as the peer- reviewed journals in JSTOR). A review of news articles and internet sources alone is insufficient.

The literature review’s bounds should be informed by the research question: do not include articles in the review that are irrelevant (even if you spend two hours reading them). Do not “cherry-pick” only the articles that support your theory; include relevant material representing all the different points of view. Conclude by explaining how the paper’s research fits within, or adds to, the existing literature.

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