TERM PAPER WRITING – ‘Healthcare Innovations’

TERM PAPER WRITING – ‘Healthcare Innovations’

Term Paper ReportThe end of Week 16 (Thursday) 23:59600 PointsAssignment Dropbox of BlackboardEach student writes minimum 1600 words and no more than 2400 words

Each student must identify a recent innovation that deals with integration of computing technology in Healthcare. Although the topic does not have to directly relate to the Nursing field, it must have an impact on the healthcare practice directly or indirectly. The topic being researched and presented must be agreed and submitted to Dr. Phillip Olla in Discussion Board by the end of Week 2 (Sunday 23:59). The quality of the paper is expected in conference paper level.

Topic: Tele homecare (Broad outline… look at the format and guideline for details on page 2)

Chapter 1: Introduction 

· Background information on Tele homecare 

· Development of tele homecare overtime  

Chapter 2: Literature review 

Subtopic 1: cons of tele homecare

Subtopic 2: pros of tele homecare

Chapter 3: strengths and limitations

· Current strengths of tele homecare  


· Research and solution gaps for tele homecare 

· Recommendations to overcome this 

Chapter 4: References

· APA  

· 10-20 references 

Contact Dr Olla via email for approval if you have an idea for a topic not in the list above.

Paper writing (600 Points; submission by Week 8 (Thursday) 23:59)

Format and guideline: Tele homecare

Chapter 1 Introduction

· Give background on your topic and the impact of this study to the society or industry.

· What are the current problem(s)/issue(s) to be tackled in research and market (i.e. hospitals/government)?

Chapter 2 Literature review (Summary of the literature review findings and group them into different sub-topic/theme/main points)

2.1 Sub-topic 1

2.2 Sub-topic 2

· What researchers, market, and/or company have done to solve the problem(s)/issue(s) you mentioned? And how? Why they solve the problem(s)/issue(s) in this way?

Chapter 3 The strengths and limitations (based on the findings from literature review to summarize the strengths and limitation/weakness of current development, and your suggestions of further research or development)

· What are the strengths and limitations of these approach on solving those problem(s)/issue(s)?

· What are the research/solution gaps?

· What will you recommend to fill the gaps/overcome the limitations?

Chapter 4 References

· List the journal paper, conference paper, textbook, internet URL and quote all the references in the report content.

· Use APA to cite your reference.

· Minimum 10 references and no more than 20 references per student.

One example although it is in different topic:

Report Writing Rubric Category Unsatisfactory (0) Developing (1) Proficient (2) Knowledge in the area Not able to identify the issues/problems Identifies and demonstrates an accomplished understanding of most of the issues/problems Identifies and demonstrates a sophisticated understanding of the main issues/problems. Comment on review and your suggestion No action suggested, and/or inappropriate solutions proposed to the issues Supports diagnosis and opinions; presents a somewhat one-sided argument; demonstrates little engagement with ideas presented. Supports diagnosis and opinions; presents a balanced and critical view; interpretation is both reasonable and objective. Critical thinking and argumentation skill Presents no analysis of the identified issues; no reasoning and evidence Presents a thorough analysis of most of the issues identified; with limited reasoning and evidence Presents an insightful and thorough analysis of all identified issues/problems; with strong arguments and well documented evidence fir the analysis and comment Clarity of presentation Writing is unfocused, rambling, and contains serious grammar errors; poorly organized and does not follow specified guidelines. Occasional grammar or spelling errors, but still a clear presentation of ideas; lacks organization and does not follow specified guidelines. Demonstrates clarity, conciseness and correctness; formatting is appropriate, and writing is free of grammar and spelling errors.

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