Final Draft: The Poetry Essay

Final Draft: The Poetry Essay

Please turn the final draft of the poetry essay in here. It should be in MLA format as well as the format I have been teaching this semester. It should be at least 1,000 words. 

I am going to give you until the day the final exam essay is due so that you have as much time as you can possibly have. 

The Research Proposal Outline – 528 Capstone 1 Rubric

1. Research Problem and Objectives (5 points)

a. Problem Statement (with citations)

b. Purpose Statement

c. Research Question (Overall)

2. Literature Review (with citations) (5 points)

a. Topic

b. Synthesis of Scholarly Articles (what is known)

c. Theory/Practice Gaps (What is not known)

d. Hypotheses

3. Subjects (5 points)

a. Selection criteria (who)

b. Recruitment process (how)

c. Sample size (how many)

d. Risks to Human Subjects & mitigation of them

4. Measurement (20 points)

a. Overall Approach to Measurement (correlational, experimental, etc.)

b. Measures (for each variable within hypotheses) ( 20 points/number of measures )

i. Variable 1 Name ( minus 2 points for each missing element )

1. Construct being measured

a. Independent (predictor) or dependent (criterion)

2. Number of items

3. Response Scale

4. Scoring method (sum or average)

5. What does a higher score mean?

6. Reliability

7. Two sample items

ii. Variable 2 Name

1. Construct measured by variable

2. Etc.

iii. Variable 3 Name & etc.

c. Threats to validity & mitigation of them

5. Data Collection (5 points)

a. Step by step listing of procedures, from contacting recruited participants to handling of data prior to analysis

6. Analysis (For each hypothesis) (10 points)

a. Statistical test

b. Variables used

c. Interpretation of test

50 pages + Citations

· This proposal is slotted for 5 pages plus Citations

· Problem: the US. Army is facing hard time replacing soldiers (Turnover>Recruitment)

· Independent Variables: Personnel Organization FIT, Military Pay, Psychological Health

· Dependent Variable: Soldier Turnover

· Recruitment Snowball sampling

· Research and find valid Measurements ( like Cable and Darue’s mesure for FIT)

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