Topic 3 DQ 1 Social determinants of health

Topic 3 DQ 1


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Social determinants of health are health conditions that people live in or work in that effect there quality of life. Social determinants of health can effect people from various conditions. These conditions can happen in different setting such as someone house, school, workplace and church. Some of the main examples of social determinants of health can be safe housing and being able to buy enough food to feed the family. The second main one is access to health care services. This is one of the main ones because people need to be able to go see a doctor when they are sick. I think one of the main ways a public health worker can promote health equity is by advocating for the people. Fighting for the people that do not have a voice. We need to make sure every person is bale to get health care they deserve. We can also make every person graduate high school or get a GED so they can have a job opportunity. 

social determinets of health-Healthy people 2030| (2020)

Https://www.healthypeople.Gov/2020/Topics-objectives/topic/social deternintents-of-health.

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Social determinants of health are needed to influence and keep the health status, good, The determinants include many factors. Not only medical factors but things like race, community, age, education, support system, , religious entities and training, home economics and so many more. Determinants are needed to keep people inspired and motivated to learn about a healthy lifestyle. Just to learn and apply changes to your diet is one key example to teach some with borderline type two diabetes that a change in diet can change the chance of developing a serious health condition. I mention type II Diabetes because I am a type II Diabetic and I feel if I were educated better my life would be different today. I wish someone was there to teach my mother how and what to feed me as a child to help handle the family curse of diabetes.

I feel a social health worker can use many factors and determinants to influence someone to make a change for a better life.  A change that will shape yourself and future generations.  Some people need guidance in the right direction to succeed.  I think this lack of direction is what is  missing in so many communities, countries, and nations.\\\

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Hey class,

“Social determinants of health are the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age.1 They include factors like socioeconomic status, education, neighborhood and physical environment, employment, and social support networks, as well as access to health care (Figure 1).” (Artiga & Hinton, 2018, What are Social Determinants of Health? section) This is a basically just the way you are and how you live. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same opportunities as everyone else. Public health workers have the advantage in this with education on their side because they are able to teach the community how to live better lifestyles and make better lifestyle choices. They are able to teach people about the programs to help with low-income families or get non-English speaking families in to programs to help them learn a second language. The opportunities are truly endless for a public health care worker when it comes to helping and educating the public.


Artiga, S., & Hinton, E. (2018, May 10). Beyond Health Care: The Role of Social Determinants in Promoting Health and Health Equity. Kaiser Family Foundation Filling the need for trusted information on national health issues.

4)  E.P          Re: Topic 3 DQ 1

Social determinants of health are. Conditions in the environments in which people are born, live, learn, work, play, worship, and age that affect a wider range of health, functioning, and quality-of-life outcomes and risks. Conditions (e.g., Social, economic, and Physical) In these various environments and settings (e.g., School, Church, workplace, and neighborhood) have been referred to as place. In addition to the more material attributes of place, the patterns of social engagement and sense of security and well-being are also affected by where people live. Resources that enhance quality of live can have a major influence on population health outcomes.

Examples of these recourses include safe and affordable housing, access to education, public safety, availability of healthy foods, local emergency/health services, and environments free of life-threatening toxins.


Secretary’s Advisory Committee on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Objectives for 2020. Healthy People 2020: An Opportunity to Address the Societal Determinants of Health in the United States. July 26, 2010. Available from:


5)  R.D

Watching the following short video clip, Health In America. Dr. Ichiro Kawachi observes that the ability to avoid smoking and eat a healthy diet depends on access to “income, education, and the social determinants of health.” Do conditions in your community promote or hinder healthy choices? What policies shape those conditions?

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Hey class,

Social determinants such as no transportation options, social support, culture, language, literacy, socioeconomic conditions, education, and job opportunities can cause a huge issue for people when it comes to health inequity. If you look at a person who has a car and a job that offers insurance versus a person that takes public transportation to their job that does not offer insurance, you can clearly see that the person who uses public transportation already has a lesser chance of going to the doctor because they do not have insurance and cannot afford to see a doctor because they are using public transportation. “Inadequate health insurance coverage is one of the largest barriers to health care access,3 and the unequal distribution of coverage contributes to disparities in health.2, 3 Out-of-pocket medical care costs may lead individuals to delay or forgo needed care (such as doctor visits, dental care, and medications),4 and medical debt is common among both insured and uninsured individuals.” (Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion [ODPHP], 2020, para. 2) This is a very sad and unfair socitty that we live in but at the same time we have created better ways for people to get cheaper health care.


Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. (2020, October 8). Access to Health Services.

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