Todd Robinson Leadership Assignment Help

Todd Robinson Leadership Assignment Help


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a. Discuss the key factors for identifying leadership potential.

b. Identify an assessment-based approach for identifying potential among the managers at Robinson Insurance Agency. Describe how assessment processes and assessment instruments can be used to identify potential leaders and their leadership development needs.

c. Include in your assessment approach at least three specific assessment instruments to evaluate leadership potential, justifying the use of each assessment instrument for its intended purpose.

d. Identify the outcomes, data or information produced by each assessment you propose in your plan, and review the considerations for facilitating feedback from each type of assessment.

e. Provide details of practical considerations of your plan, such as who will implement which parts of the assessment plan (an insider, an outsider, or a combination of both), what type of certification may be necessary to administer each assessment, and how the managers within Robinson Insurance will be consulted and involved in the assessment process.

f. Identify the potential legal ramifications that may arise if Robinson Insurance Agency implements an assessment-based approach to identifying potential. Discuss ways of ensuring that the approach you recommend for the company is legal and justifiable.

You do NOT have to create a training and development plan for the identified future leaders; you only need to detail the assessment component of the plan and describe how the assessment information might be used to design the development activities.

In addition to your Scott and Reynolds (2010) textbook, the assigned articles for the course, and any Internet sources you reference to gather information about the assessments you have chosen, reference at least five additional scholarly sources (academic journal articles) to support your plan.

Week 3 Assignment: Ethical Dilemma Work Instructions and Grading Rubric
Assignment Rationale:
Please refer to the course syllabus to determine what percentage this assignment is of your final course grade in The purpose of this assignment is to allow each student the opportunity to show comprehensive understanding of an ethical dilemma.

Assignment Objective:
Compose a scholarly work illustrating why the chosen topic is an ethical dilemma, meeting the required elements of the rubric with 80% accuracy. (LO 1)

Assignment Instructions:
1. Effectively communicate using well-constructed, thoughtful, organized writing, each of the elements discussed in the breakdown of the assignment’s parts found below.

2. The composed scholarly work should be 2-3 pages in length and APA formatted (cover page with running head, double spaced, one-inch margin, with 12-point Times New Roman font and all necessary heading and subheadings like at

3. At least five peer-reviewed references must be cited. One of these references can be the textbook.

4. Please make sure the other four references are from valid sources (not Wikipedia).

5. Please remember your submission will be subject to Safe Assign.

Assignment due on Tuesday at 11 pm.
7. Submit the APA formatted document under the assignment link found in the Learning Activities Folder.

8. A template has been provided for students unfamiliar with APA formatting. See attached.

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