The success of the crypto movement

The success of the crypto movement

What makes a movement?


In his essay “Small Change,” Malcolm Gladwell critiques the use of social media as a tool for activism. While he praises social media for many things, arguing that “Our acquaintances – not our friends – are our greatest source of new ideas and information,” he argues that ultimately social media promotes “weak ties” between ourselves and others (195). Gladwell insists that such ties can support various kinds of low-stakes social participation, but “weak ties seldom lead to high-risk activism” that challenges the status quo (195). Gladwell uses the Civil Rights Movement as his primary example of activism that relied heavily on strong ties and argues that strong ties to “critical friends” and a clear hierarchical organization, rather than a network of loose connections, are necessary for people to take personal risks and dedicate themselves to changing deeply rooted social and political problems. What role do you see strong and weak ties playing in contemporary (or past) social and political movements? What sort of ties have (had) the greatest effect? – link to Gladwell article


Write an essay in which you take a position on what makes a political or social movement (defined broadly) successful or unsuccessful. Using Gladwell and as well as 2-4 credible sources from an FAU library database (such as Gale General OneFile (Links to an external site.)) for analytical and informational support. Identify a political or social movement of your choice, learn more about it, and consider the role that strong and weak ties play(ed) in its success.

Other questions you might consider include:

What role do strong and weak ties play in forming a movement? Are there limits to those ties? How are those ties formed in your chosen movement?
Are strong-tie connections even possible with social media technologies? How might weak-tie connections from social media be better-utilized to support social change?
What roles to strong and weak ties play in craftivism and crafted resistance?
What is the origin of the movement you are analyzing? Who started it and why?
What is the goal of your chosen movement? How is it similar or different from other (previous) movements?
What role does social media play in your chosen movement? Are there high-risk strategies present in your chosen movement and, if so, what are they?
Formatting and Requirements:

Essay 5-6 pages in length plus a Works Cited page
Works Cited page must include properly formatted citations for all sources used
Essay should be double-spaced, typed in Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins (on all sides)
Include your name, my name, class and date in the upper left corner of the 1st page
Format your essay according to MLA guidelines
You must use evidence from at least one of our previous readings and from 1-2 credible sources from an FAU Library database to support your argument.

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