English 102 English Research Paper

English 102 English Research Paper

This is our last English paper so it has toi be great! It is a research paper,and I already have five sources picked out, so really only need a couple more if that. Here are the specifc instructions. Let me know if there is questions!

By the end of this writing project, you will be able to:

Develop an argumentative thesis that articulates a position on a significant issue
Use evidence from research to provide relevant background information, examples, and counter-arguments
Employ strategies of argumentation including making a claim, supporting claims with evidence, and identifying and engaging with alternative perspectives
Attribute and cite sources using signaling phrases, in-text citations, and a works cited page
Apply genre conventions for a research-based academic essay including structure, design, formatting, language usage, and mechanics
Compose a text using the writing process by drafting, reviewing, collaborating, revising, and editing

Audience: Your English 102 instructor

Purpose: To make a persuasive claim about a significant issue and support your claim using evidence from sources

Genre: A research-based argument

Conventions: A 2,000-2,500 word research paper with MLA citation conventions for in-text citations and a works cite page

Consider the following questions as you write your research-based argument:

Author: How do you wish to represent yourself in your research-based argument, and how will you achieve that representation?
Purpose: Given that your purpose is to make a persuasive claim and support your claim using evidence from sources, how will you achieve this purpose in your research-based argument?
Audience: Given that your audience is your ENG 102 instructor, how will this audience inform the content, structure, and language of your research-based argument?
Genre: Given that your genre is a research-based argument, what are the genre conventions (structure, design, formatting, language usage, and mechanics) that you need to apply?
Content: What claim are you making in your research-based argument? How will you craft an effective argument and support your claim? How will you balance background information, examples, argument, and other perspectives in your paper?
Structure: How will you structure your research-based argument? What structure will help your audience understand your position and be persuaded by your argument?
Language: What linguistic choices will you make in your research-based argument? How formal or informal should your language be? How can you revise and edit your language to meet your rhetorical purpose in the genre?

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