SOCY3720 Auditing Your Skills For The Job Market

SOCY3720 Auditing Your Skills For The Job Market


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Job Hunting in the 21st Century article for question 1 and the 3 syllabi for question two are attached

1. As you approach the job market, what concerns do you have?
What career or type of job do you think now you’d like to do after graduation? (Career will be Social Worker)
How do you think your resume and professional profile will compete against other job candidates?
How did the report from the American Sociological Association (“Job Hunting in the 21st Century”) influence your thinking about career options available to you? Did it open your eyes to any other jobs available to you that you hadn’t considered before?
What would you like most to focus on in this class before you begin applying for jobs and building your career?
2. If someone asked you to define your skillset, what skills come to mind?
In order to answer this, you must pick at least three syllabi from courses you’ve recently taken. You must also mention which courses you chose and what year you took these courses (just class names and year).
In these syllabi, you should see a section called Course Objectives, Learning Goals, or something similar. In this section, your professor should have outlined the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) students should acquire in the class. If you don’t see such a section, choose another syllabus.
Review the section on Course Objectives and pick out 3-4 skills you believe that you acquired in that class and could confidently tell a potential employer that you possess. Mention the skills you’ve chosen, and explain why you chose those skills (e.g., do they align with the job you want? do yo simply feel highly-competent with those skills?)
What challenges do you feel in professing “ownership” of such skills? In other words, if you don’t feel you could honestly claim that you have the skills you were meant to have developed in your prior coursework, why?
Your total reflection paper should be thoughtful, well-researched (find those syllabi!), and well-written.

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