SMGT 633 Leadership Assignment Journal

SMGT 633 Leadership Assignment Journal


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Based upon the assigned readings, you will answer all questions in paragraph form using current APA formatting (Times New Roman, 12- point font, and double spaced). A title page and reference page must be included for each Leadership Assignment Journal (LaJ). All answers must be compiled in a Word document provided on Blackboard. Citations (minimum of 2) from the assigned reading are required in answering the questions. The length of the paper must be a minimum of 5 pages to maximum of 7 pages (this includes a title page and reference page).

It is important that you spend adequate time on the journal as you progress through the course. The primary aim of this course is self-development. This assignment asks you to document the development “journey” that you will take in the context of the course. Write your thoughts effectively as you complete the reading assignments for each module/week. Do not answer the questions yes or no. You will get out of the process what you put into it. Remember to use citations from the required readings and include a minimum of 1 Scripture to support your statements for each module/week.

Each LAJ contains questions that must be answered only in paragraphs, and the questions are found in the module/week assigned for each Leadership Assignments Journal. All answers must be compiled in a Word document and submitted via the assignment link in the module/week. Citations from the assigned reading and a minimum of 1 Scripture are required in answering the questions. Always include a cover page and reference page.

Leadership Assignment Journals are due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of the assigned modules/weeks.

1.Should managers be ethical in their decision making? If so, how should ethics be used in decision making?
2.Does power as Lord Acton suggested, tend to corrupt the power holder? If so, what are some of the ways it happens? Is it also possible subordinates are corrupted by a superiors power? How? Is it possible that superiors can be corrupted by a subordinates power?

3.Are there any sport leadership roles men and women should not have equal opportunity to compete for?

4.From the reading of Kouzes & Posner, who are your leadership role models? Why do you consider them role models?
This assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday.

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