Respiratory Therapy Occupations, Essay Example

It goes without question that one who is an expert in a certain type of field should have the ability to thoroughly explain all of his or her products to other individuals. Such is the case with Respiratory Therapists. Due to the fact that there are a number of these kinds of therapists out in the market today, many of them are completely immersed in the selling and marketing of their respiratory equipment so that other companies can buy said equipment. The problem with this is that there are often times other individuals who believe that they are just as qualified as Respiratory Therapists to sell and advertise the same equipment to the same companies. What these individuals clearly do not understand is that they are nowhere near qualified to a Respiratory Therapist.


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 This is said in such a manner because what is grand about the Respiratory Therapists is that they not only know how the equipment functions, but they are also cognizant of how the equipment will improve a certain patients life. The ability to know how the patients lungs will be improved should be considered an enormous advantage over those individuals who attempt to advertise the same equipment but do realize all of the science that is involved in improving the patients life. Another reason as to why Respiratory Therapists should be greater considered for such a type of job is because of the fact that they have already graduated from their own respective universities as well as passed their national board certifying examination. Having these types of achievements should speaks volumes in front of other companies who are willing to buy the advertised equipment. In this kind of advertisement, the equipment being portrayed is only as good as the individual who is advertising said equipment. For those reasons, it should be invariably comprehended that Respiratory Therapists who are involved in the sale and marketing of respiratory equipment are the perfect match to display such items.

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