Music, Stress and Anger Management Groups, Essay Example

Today I run my music, stress and anger management groups with my facilitators. The music group is well planned by us but the stress and anger management is not planned. She never arranged any meetings and although I tried, it looks as if I was doing too much. All the same, it is always exciting to do something like that especially if both facilitators are on the same page. One wonder that one resident did was to go and catch a bus on his own to the Livingston mall. This was his special moment because that was his first time to do something like that. The moment I walked in, he called my name and said, guess what I did, I went to the mall by a bus on my own. To me, I thought they all went together but I was wrong while he was right. He went by himself and the staff went and picked him afterwards. At least this was his first time to step in the mall and it was a good idea for the staff to go and pick him up as he had actually suggested. With time he will be able to do all that by himself because it takes one step at a time.


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This action can be associated with psychiatric rehabilitation, value for self empowerment and determination. Earlier, when I started the second clinical, they met the residents and talked to them about accessing the community and doing things by themselves. Through this they instilled power determination and self-empowerment in to them. This is what the staff are supposed to do to help these resident prepare to become independent.

Another significant thing that happened today involved the one client who fell right in front of me and I was able to help lift him from the ground. Before he came to the ground, he was making some facial signs and I asked him if he was all right and he said yes. About three minutes later, he started coming straight at me so I knew something was not right. This is something scary which I do not want to experience but things like this do happened and it has showed me that I have to be alert at all time. It is not just looking after them but paying attention to their symptoms as well.

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