PHED 1164 Introduction to Physical Fitness and Wellness

PHED 1164Introduction to Physical Fitness and Wellness


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PHED 1164
Introduction to Physical Fitness and Wellness
Rubric: Stages of Change
Core Objective: PR, SR | SLO: 2 & 5
GOAL: The purpose of this activity is to target risk behaviors we wish to terminate and healthy
behaviors we wish to activate, strengthen and maintain. After Identifying these behaviors we will
write S.M.A.R.T. goal statements for each behavior and reflect on possible obstacles and ways
to avoid those obstacles for one behavior. You should complete reading Chapter 2 before
attempting this activity.

  1. In your textbook, locate Activity 2.1 at the end of chapter 2. Instructions to complete the
    activity are at the top of the page. Read those instructions first before moving on with the
    rubric or the assignment.
  2. Using Figure 2.2, select your 3 behaviors by choosing one behavior from the orange, one
    from the blue, and one from the green sections of the graph. One of your behavior
    changes should be something you have already decided to embark on. If you have not
    embarked on any behavior changes, that is ok, complete the activity accordingly.
  3. Complete each behavior section by filling in the appropriate statement for the behavior
    change you selected for that section. Choose the appropriate statement by filling in the
    sentence that corresponds with the Stage of Change you are currently in for the behavior
    you selected. So if the risk behavior you are writing about is having unprotected sex, you
    are choosing which 1-6 statement to fill by selecting the statement that applies to the
    Stage of Change you are in concerning that behavior (Pre-Contemplation, Contemplation,
    Preparation, Action, Maintenance, Termination/Adoption) Section 2.5 details the Stages
    of Change, Section 2.6 details the Processes of Change. You will need both to complete
    the prompts at the end of each of the behavior section. The second prompt “Specific goal
    and date to be accomplished” is where you will write your S.M.A.R.T. goal for that
    behavior. Section 2.7 explains how to write a SMART goal.
  4. In the self-reflection area address the barriers to your goals and how you will address
    those obstacles.
    SUBMISSION: The activity can be submitted as a .pdf by scanning the page and writing in the
    answers or by typing each complete statement as well as the self-reflection in Microsoft Word. If
    you choose to type it out, do not submit the answers only, submit the entire statement with the
    answer filled in for both the numbered statements and the 3 prompts underneath.

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