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Systems Development Life Cycle provides a standard project management framework to improve the quality of information systems. SDLC consists of these phases, “planning/analysis, design, implementation, and testing phase’’ (Glancey et al., 1990). Nurses play an important role in the utilization of health information technology systems in healthcare. Not involving nurses in each stage of SDLC when purchasing and implementing a new health information technology system can result in them losing trust in the organization and cause them to feel as if they are not important to the development of the organization. The planning/analysis stage begins with a simple process to determine what is needed for the system. Issues that may arise include not knowing the most important issues to address. Having nurses at this stage of the SDLC is helpful because their input guarantees that the right issues are addressed with this new system.  


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During the design phase,” developers and technical architects start the high level of design of the software and system to be able to deliver each requirement’’ (Ghahrai, 2018). Issues that can arise at this stage will be putting together a model that is not effective for the institution. Due to the fact that nurses work with EMRs majority of the time, including them in this stage will ensure that whatever model is created will be useful for the facility. The final stage will be implementation and testing. During this phase, the new system will be introduced into the clinical system. Issues that arise at this stage is properly assembling and educating the staff on the new system. Nurses can help address these issues because they can be included with the team of people to educate the staff. If they have been involved throughout the SDLC process, it will be easy to utilize their knowledge. “They would already have experience with it in a hands on environment before the new product and committing to it on a full time basis’’ (McMurtrey, 2013). I did not have any input in the selection and planning of new health information technology systems at my healthcare organization.  Being included in this process would have allowed me to advise the leadership on which designs to utilize due to the fact that I had used the system at my previous institution. Incorporation nurses in these processes allows for smoother transitions with the introduction of new software into institutions.

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