Identify which company you selected and briefly describe why you selected that company

Companies are using CRM practices and systems as tools to increase success and having advanced knowledge of using CRM technology to understand customers.

You are expected to explore how customer-related data can be transformed with analytics into more usable and accessible information.

Assignment Instructions

1. Review the Assignment Deliverables section below. You will need this information to select an appropriate company from the Case Report Resources below, College Library, or the Internet.

2. Choose a company from the Case Report Resources, College Library, or the Internet that is appropriate for the assignment deliverables. Not all cases may provide all the explicit details you are seeking; you may need to assume information. Please make a note in your assignment indicating the assumed information.

3. Imagine you are an IS or IT manager for the company you chose. Write a 700- to 1,050-word APA formatted Microsoft® Word® case report that includes the requirements listed under Assignment Deliverables. 

Assignment Deliverables

Include the following:

. Identify which company you selected and briefly describe why you selected that company.

. Describe what the case is about, provide the important elements of the history of the situation, and specify the key problem or issue of the case (e.g. what decision has to be made by which manager). This is your introduction

. Discuss how the company can apply analytical CRM to transform customer-related data into actionable insight for either strategic or tactical purposes.

. Analyze how the company did or can explore customer-related data.

. Analyze how the company did or can explore a database integration.

. Include the most important information from the case in your conclusion.

. Include a reference to the case, and cite the reference in APA format.

Please make sure your assignment provide proper references and citations for all resources used in your material.

Bottom of Form

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