Food Adventure Assignment Guidelines

Food Adventure Assignment Guidelines


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FOOD ADVENTURE Assignment Guidelines

Due: ___________________________________

Worth: 20 pts.


1000 – 2000 words or 2 – 4 pages in length (no more than 5 pages)

12 pt. standard font (Times New Roman)


1” margins


Should contain proper heading, page numbering, etc. following MLA or APA format

Should demonstrate evidence of having been proofread prior to submission (no glaring grammatical/punctuation errors)

Can include a photograph or two taken by you.


This assignment is designed to both warm you up and to start challenging your writing skills.

CHICAGO IS A GASTRONOMIC WONDERLAND! Your task is to have a “food adventure,” and then to write about it according to the below guidelines. Do your best to follow this prompt and the directions.

This is a way for me to get to know you and your writing, to challenge you, and to encourage you to see research in new ways.

Here is what you need to do:

Find a restaurant or food that is new to you.

I recommend visiting H-Mart, Chinatown, Joong Boo, Devon, or other cultural enclaves that have cuisine that is new to you!

Go to that place, eat that food, offer your patronage to that restaurant, and TAKE NOTES !

Avoid chains! Instead, try to find local or family owned businesses.

Find something affordable but exciting.

Write a detail-oriented “article” about your experience

NO FIRST PERSON: YOU CANNOT USE “I” or similar pronouns

For every usage of such pronouns you will be docked 5 points


Instead of relaying your opinion about the experience, focus on SENSORY DETAILS and turning those SENSORY DETAILS into descriptive facts. How did the restaurant smell? Instead of saying it smelled “good” or “bad” tell readers WHAT IT SMELLED LIKE! Was it decorated in a colorful or kitschy way, or was it modern and minimal? How did the food taste? Instead of “good” or “bad” explain the experience of eating the food, describe flavors and textures. This is where taking notes will come in handy.

This assignment is more than a yelp review (think of it as a short magazine article).

You will generally be discouraged from including “I” or similar pronouns in your writing in this course for the rest of the semester, and so, this is a low-stakes challenge designed to warm you up to a different kind of writing.

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