FMS 101A Irvine The Birth of A Nation Film Essay

FMS 101A Irvine The Birth of A Nation Film Essay

I write wrong film about the essay, so change my film essay to another film on the list

Research Paper Films

Battleship Potemkin (Links to an external site.) (Eisenstein, 1925)


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Berlin, Symphony of a Great City (Links to an external site.) (Ruttman, 1927)

The Birth of a Nation (Links to an external site.) (Griffith, 1915)

Blind Husbands (Links to an external site.) (von Stroheim, 1919)

The Blot (Links to an external site.) (Weber, 1921)

The Blue Angel (Links to an external site.)(Von Sternberg, 1929)

Broken Blossoms (Links to an external site.)(Griffith, 1919)

The Cat and the Canary (Links to an external site.) (Leni, 1927)

The Circus (Links to an external site.) (Chaplin, 1928)

College (Links to an external site.) (Keaton, Horne, 1927)

Diary of a Lost Girl (Links to an external site.) (Pabst, 1929)

Dr. Mabuse, the Gambler (Links to an external site.) (Lang, 1922)

The Extra Girl (Links to an external site.)(Jones, Sennett, 1923)

Fanchon the Cricket (Links to an external site.)(Kirkwood, 1915)

Faust (Links to an external site.) (Murnau, 1926)

Foolish Wives (Links to an external site.)(von Stroheim, 1922)

The General (Links to an external site.) (Keaton, 1926)

Girl Shy (Links to an external site.)(Newmeyer, 1924)

The Gold Rush (Links to an external site.) (Chaplin, 1925)

Der Golem (Links to an external site.) (Wegener, 1920)

Haxan (Links to an external site.) (Christensen, 1922)

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Links to an external site.) (Worsley, 1923)

Hypocrites (Links to an external site.) (Weber, 1915)

Intolerance (Links to an external site.) (Griffith, 1916)

The Kid (Links to an external site.)(Chaplin, 1921)

The King of Kings (Links to an external site.) (DeMille, 1927)

The Last Laugh (Links to an external site.) (Murnau, 1924)

Little Annie Rooney (Links to an external site.)(Feist, 1925)

The Lost World (Links to an external site.)(Hoyt, 1925)

The Mark of Zorro (Links to an external site.) (Niblo, 1920)

The Marriage Circle (Lubitsch, 1924) (Links to an external site.)

Metropolis (Links to an external site.) (Lang, 1927)

Moana (Links to an external site.) (Flahery, 1926)

Orphans of the Storm (Links to an external site.)(Griffith, 1921)

Our Hospitality (Links to an external site.) (Keaton, 1923)

Phantom Carriage (Links to an external site.) (Sjostrom, 1921)

La Roue (Links to an external site.) (Gance, 1923)

Safety Last ! (Links to an external site.) (Newmeyer, Taylor, 1923)

The Scar of Shame (Links to an external site.) (Perugini, 1929)

Seven Chances (Links to an external site.) (Keaton, 1925)

The Sheik (Links to an external site.)(Melford, 1921)

Speedy (Links to an external site.) (Wilde, 1928)

Steamboat Bill Jr. (Reisner, Keaton, 1928) (Links to an external site.)

The Symbol of the Unconquered (Links to an external site.)(Micheaux, 1920)

Ten Nights in a Bar Room (Links to an external site.) (Colored Players, 1926)

The Thief of Bagdad (Links to an external site.) (Walsh, 1924)

The Three Ages (Links to an external site.) (Keaton, Cline, 1923)

Traffic in Souls (Links to an external site.)(Tucker, 1913)

Way Down East (Links to an external site.) (Griffith, 1920)

Within Our Gates (Micheaux, 1920) (Links to an external site.)


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