Photogenie and The Imponderable Discussion

Photogenie and The Imponderable Discussion

As you read:


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*List all the words of which you are unsure. Look them up and write down definitions.

*Outline all the important subtopics in the reading and design a discussion question that you could ask for each subtopic.

*Note the areas that confuse you and those that you find interesting.

*Note the relationships between the readings and the films, if relevant.

*Write down a summary of the author’s message.

*Evaluate the material; write down your reaction to the author’s message and delivery.

After a film is screened, take a few minutes to consider the following:

*What is familiar in the film? What is new/challenging/confusing?

*How is the film structured or organized?

*What visual tropes can you describe?

*How do you interpret the film and what concrete evidence supports your reading?

you can access the film on youtube

i have attached the first reading (Epstein, Jean, “Photogénie and the Imponderable”) which is missing a few pages but that is fine just take what you can as they are 2 pages missing


Attachment preview 

The Avant-Garde Cinema

Tracking the development of cinema: merely reproducing reality/tech wonder => theater/story=> abstraction/emotion

“Moreover, along with composition, expresive pacing intervened in the organication of the images and gave birth to rhythm, although in spite of the visual sense which was beginning to dawn, the story ‘for the story’ won out” => What does it mean?


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