Complete the following Program Learning Outcome Assessment

 Student Directions: Complete the following Program Learning Outcome Assessment Item and turn the responses in by the deadline . Your answers must be typed using  Times New Roman, size 12 font and doubled spaced.  

Read the following letter to the editor. Then answer the following questions about it.

  1. Dear Editor:  I am responding to the letter you published last week by the Reverend Amos Matthews, who correctly notes that 70 percent of African-American high school students in San Francisco will complete this year with a mean average grade of D-plus.  According to Rev. Matthews, this abysmal performance is mostly the fault of the school board. 
  2. In other words, African-American school children are victims, and as such not responsible for their actions. I am African-American and I’m tired of being portrayed as a victim.
  3. Parents are failing their children by not being involved, by not taking an interest.  Leadership is needed and that leadership begins at home.  There needs to be a comprehensive evaluation not of the school system, but rather of African-American parents who choose not to be involved.
  4. Many Asians students who face language and cultural barriers seem to perform well in school. The problems they face are equal to if not greater than problems faced by African-American students.
  5. Each morning while waiting to board the bus I see many students going to school.  Unfortunately, 60 to 70 percent of the African-American students do not have books.  I can only assume that they are not prepared for what awaits them in school.
  6. I don’t blame the teachers or the school board for these students’ lack of preparation; rather, I blame the parents who would allow their children to come home without books.  The parents of these children have failed them and this is where you need to concentrate your efforts, Rev. Matthews.
  • Jay Smith  

Test Questions (10 points each): You can earn up to 50 points. 

  1. State the conclusion or inference of Rev. Matthews that Jay is refuting.
  2. What facts does Rev. Matthews base his conclusion on?
  3. In Paragraph 2, what does Jay interpret the reverend’s conclusion to mean? 
  4. In your own words, write the conclusion (main idea or thesis) of Jay’s argument. 
  5. List two (2)  reasons Jay gives to support this conclusion.

On a WORD  Document using standard assignment assignment link title,  Present your responses for ALL Questions in a Q & A Format and Upload them into designated  assignment D2L Link.   For example:





Present your answers in complete responses.  Do Not use slang, fragmented answers, Yes/No only responses, be attentive to grammatical errors,  Do Not use Texting jargon/shortcuts, etc …

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