Article Analysis and Evaluation of Research

Article Analysis and Evaluation of Research Ethics Article Citation and Permalink (APA format)


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Article 1

Kullberg, B. (2015). Pain Protocol for Trauma Patients. Grand Canyon University. 2/id/3174

Point Description


Problem Statement

(What is the problem research is addressing?)

A specific problem known in healthcare is the inadequate treatment of trauma cases

with discomfort. Unmanaged discomfort victims are at danger of hemodynamic

dysfunction, breathing problems, and impaired kidney and digestive functioning. One

possible approach to this issue is to create a discomfort procedure which will be

followed by physicians throughout trauma victims ‘ medical attention. This report

offers information regarding the importance of providing pain medications for trauma

victims. Such proof-based references mentioned herein describe a few of the

approaches that can address the elimination of suboptimal distress in trauma cases.

Purpose Statement

(What is the purpose of the study?)

This article seeks to implement a solution for pain management for patients with

trauma issues by developing a pain protocol in the medical sector. This research

identifies the Gate Control theory to aid in the implementation of the proposed

solution to pain management. This study will contain question definition, approach

overview, evidence analysis, and action strategy for the proposed remedy. The

document could also include an implementation strategy for the new initiative and a

distribution schedule. This solution will have the nurses and physicians follow a

specific protocol when handling patients with pain trauma.

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Research Questions

(What questions does the research seek to answer?)

The study aims to answer the question of whether there could be a better way to handle trauma pain during treatment or rather a faster way.

Define Hypothesis

(Or state the correct hypothesis based upon variables used)

And it further develops a protocol for managing pain, especially in the emergency rooms. If the medical staff designs a protocol that is followed by all during treatment, it can aid in reducing pain experienced by the trauma victims.

Identify Dependent and Independent Variables and Type of Data for the Variables

Some of the independent variables to be assessed during the research will include the nurse experience level, improper documentation of the protocols, and the patient’s pain level, which is the dependent variable.

The population of Interest for Study

The people of interest are the patients and the nurses that interact directly with the proposed protocol

Sample Staff and patients.

Sampling Method The study uses random sampling. The staff will be picked randomly together with the


Identify Data Collection

Identify how data were collected

Surveys by the use of interviews or questionnaires.

Summarize Data Collection Approach

Some of the methods used in evaluating the success of the proposed solution are surveying the staff that will undertake the proposed protocols. The other survey carried will be assessing the level of pain of the patients before and after the protocol is utilized on them.

Discuss Data Analysis

Include what types of statistical tests were used for the variables.

These two surveys will give statistical data that will be used to assess the effectiveness of the propose action on the trauma pain. The surveys will be taken randomly from any staff involved in the implementation process of the proposed protocol. The data will be summarized in comparison to what occurred previously. The pain levels shall be compared among all the interviewed patients.

Summarize Results of Study The patient’s pain indicated a deviation in intensity after the implementation of the

protocol; this was a clear indication of its effectiveness.

Summary of Assumptions

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Identify the assumptions and limitations from the article.

Report other potential assumptions and limitations of your review not listed by the author.

The study has assumed that every staff will give genuine feedback and that all the

team will follow those protocols in handling patients with trauma. Some staff who are

against the proposal may provide negative feedback based on their personal

preferences. Therefore, the build-up to the plan should be more inclusive to factor in

all the ideas of every stakeholder in the medicine filed. The research assumes that the

immediate result of the survey may show the permanent effects of the proposed

action, which is an assumption. The researcher should put strategies to aid in

monitoring the effectiveness of the protocol in the future since those trauma diseases

may be dynamic and come with different complications depending on the patients.

The study makes references to the works of (Finn 2012), who evaluate the issue of

suboptimal pain in emergency rooms. A study that focused on determining the

effectiveness of a nurse-initiated protocol on pain victims. The study was only based

in one hospital; this limited the research study.

Ethical Considerations

Evaluate the article and identify potential ethical considerations that may have occurred when sampling, collecting data, analyzing data, or publishing results. Summarize your findings below in 250-500 words. Provide rationale and support for your evaluation.

Ethics are indeed the normative values an individual will uphold, regardless of the position or period. Acting morally requires choosing what is necessary at the appropriate moment. Study ethics focuses on the rational values which scientists have to adopt in their various study areas. The patient and staff names that were part of the sampling process were not revealed during the dissemination of results. This ensures the privacy and protection of the participants. Good research ethics involves noninterference with the personal life of interviewees. During data collection, patients were only interviewed and tested to know their pain levels at their own will and not forced. This ensures that no information collected during the research is compromised. The random sampling of survey participants ensures that the information collected is not biased in any way. This is because the researchers do not selectively pick interviewees who are likely to favor their desired responses. The main ethical concern in doing studies is affirmative approval.

This study source was downloaded by 100000772470296 from on 04-29-2021 00:05:49 GMT -05:00

It implies that an individual offers his support consciously, freely, and smartly and in an evident and straightforward manner. The researchers do not pick the bedridden patients who are unable to speak for themselves. Naturally, people may make rational choices to engage willingly in the study only if they provide knowledge about the study’s potential costs and advantages. Free and knowledgeable approval must include exposure to the research and its intent, and a clarification on the collection of the survey topics and the protocols to be adopted. The staff were trained on the protocols before being put in use, and thus they were all aware of the risks that the procedures.

This study source was downloaded by 100000772470296 from on 04-29-2021 00:05:49 GMT -05:00

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