Canadian Expansion Failed Article Discussion

 Canadian Expansion Failed Article Discussion


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 Canadian Expansion Failed Article Discussion

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1) This week, pay special attention to the corporate examples given in Chapter 11:

  • Read the opening case “Global Mickey” on pages 303-304.
  • Next, read “Emerging Opportunities” about Toyota in China, on page 307.
  • Finally, learn about the “Master of the Furniture Universe” in  “Venturing Abroad” on pages 310-311, about Ikea.
  • “E-World” – Nokia: No Longer King of the Hill on page 318
  • Closing Case “The New Conquistador” on pages 325-327 about South America.


Chapter 11 – International Strategic Management

After reading the summaries above, select any company of interest to you that was mentioned in the text, and discuss that company, along with a key concept of strategic management described in the text.


  1. Review the readings and resources provided this week.
  2. Compose your initial post, discussing any company and strategy  of interest to you from Chapter 11 of the textbook.Please be sure to list the Subtopic in your Post. (Subtopic / Chapter and page #)
  3. Respond to at least (2) peers initial posts and continue to support your thoughts by citing course material and outside resources.
  4. Correct MLA academic formatting is required.

2) Introduction

The concept of Entry Strategies is key to understanding how companies expand globally. This week, we will learn the differences in various entry strategies, and also study Target’s entry into Canada and subsequent failure: a case study on the complexity of international expansion.


Chapter 12 and Target’s Case Study

There are various types of Entry Modes: exporting, licensing, franchising, FDI (foreign direct investment): Greenfield strategy, acquisition strategy, and joint ventures.


  1. Review the readings and resources provided this week.
  2. Read the article “Why Target’s Canadian Expansion Failed.”  Then, to gain a greater perspective, read or watch a video about ANOTHER company’s failure:  Starbucks in Australia, or Home Depot in China, Intuit –  Global, Walmart in Germany, or Euro Disney in Paris
  3. Compose your initial post with two parts:  a) discuss any type of entry strategy from Chapter 12 of the textbook,  AND b: give your input on a key reason that Target failed. Hint:  think of the PESTLE.  Which one of the six key PESTLE factors really contributed to Target’s failure in Canada?Please be sure to list the Subtopics in your Post. (Subtopic / Chapter and page #)

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