Which of these conceptual units is the smallest in size? Which is the largest?

  • Which of these conceptual units is the smallest in size? Which is the largest?
  • phrases
  • morphemes
  • phonemes
  • phones
  • words
  • sentences
  1. Describe why you have chosen this size comparison.
    • What is your understanding of all these concepts? define them in your own words.
    • What language examples and/or data can you point to for evidence?
    • What information from our course materials supports your argument? 
  2. Explain in detail how examining the relative size of these conceptual units supports your understanding of how language works.
    • For example:
      • You can refer to specific examples (e.g., words, phrases) from a specific natural language or constructed language. 
      • Describe how examining these concepts deepens your understanding.
      • Comment on how these you can use these concepts to explore your language(s).
      • Consider how specific examples of these conceptual units may vary by language and/or modality.

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