Weather of the World Documentary, Movie Review Example

This movie is a very interesting view of Planet Earth from 120 satellites in space, and it shows how the earth is affected by factors such as weather patterns and all of the many chemical, biological, meteorological, and geological reactions that occur in space. It shows how the earth’s atmosphere is sustained. What is really interesting is how modern technology is able to capture all the information about the solar system with satellites and other spacecraft in accurate detail. Although much of the movie uses computer simulations, it only adds to helping us understand how the planetary system works.

This movie shows vivid details of the planetary systems, for example, showing how the planet’s systems are interconnected with the air, the bodies of water on the planet, and the land itself. It is interesting to note that the documentary specifies how the planet sustains all life through natural forces working together. For example, the film states that the entire world is affected by climates in various regions of the world, such as Antarctica being so cold and creating formations of ice that regulate the earth’s ocean temperatures. Another example of how the planet is connected to sustain life is shown when the films discusses how the Amazon is fertilized from Sahara Desert sand that traveled to it. Or, how satellites allow scientists to see crust plates moving beneath the surface, melting rock and releasing elements such as sulfur and iron, which is necessary for the survival of living organisms (Science Documentary: Weather of the World, 2015). This is another example of the connectedness of the universe, working to sustain life on the planet. This movie does a thorough job of compiling satellite images, computer animations and simulations, and data from NASA to show how energy cycles support life on Earth.

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