Unit Two: Born a Crime & Half of a Yellow Sun

Unit Two: Born a Crime & Half of a Yellow Sun


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Directions: The following test consists of all short answer and essay questions. Short answer responses should include all the ACE elements unless otherwise indicated in the directions. Essay questions should show understanding of the text and able to analyze, evaluate, and react to the ideas presented and be formatted as a full PAACE response. Answers will be assessed on the following: a) correctness of response b) clarity of writing c) depth of analysis d) support from text. 20 points.

· Note: Please answer the questions using this document, if possible. I created the test in Microsoft Word, so you should be able to download the test, type in your answers, save it using your name in the file name, and upload it.

Historical Event Questions: These DO NOT need to be in ACE format. (1 point each)

  1. What does the term apartheid mean? How did this term play a role in a text we studied this unit?
  2. What does the word pogrom mean? How did this term play a role in a text we studied this unit?
  3. Who was Nelson Mandela? Why was he important for the ideas we studied this unit?
  4. Describe the apartheid laws. You don’t need to name the specific laws, but describe some of the ways they restricted life in South Africa.
  5. What was Biafra? Why is it important to learn about?

Short Answer Questions Directions: Write a full ACE paragraph to answer each short answer question using the prompts provided. Since you DO have your texts and notes, please provide specific quotes or paraphrase your specific details from the text (i.e. put the details in your own words). You must provide a page number for each quoted or paraphrased piece of evidence. (2 points each)

  1. Trevor discusses several lessons he learned from his mom. Discuss one of these lessons. What did she try to teach? What did Trevor learn?
  2. Explain why Trevor Noah was “born a crime.” How did this legal issue impact his childhood?
  3. Choose one of Adiche’s primary narrators: How does Adiche characterize this person? What do they value and believe? How is this person impacted by The Nigerian Revolution? How does this character add to our understanding of the events that happened in Nigeria?
  4. An event happens that causes Olanna to realize that “a single act could reverberate over time and space and leave stains that could never be washed off.” Describe the event and how it reverberated.
  5. Both books contain events where characters commit acts that have emotionally devastating consequences. Choose one event from each book, describe what happened, and analyze the toll the event takes.
  6. Theme comparison: What is one specific theme you believe the books have in common? How is a motif used to develop this theme? Cite examples from both texts.

Essay Response (6 points): Respond to the prompt below fully in essay format. In your response you should answer the question—Being sure you address all parts of the question; use specific details from the text(s) to support your answer; and react and respond as a reader. Answers will be assessed on the following: a) correctness of response b) clarity of writing c) depth of analysis d) support from text. Use PAACE to format your answer—this means the response should be a minimum of 8 sentences—and probably longer.

  1. What have you learned about how revolutions shape peoples’ lives? Are there any positives–or ways you see that facing adversity benefitted the characters? What do these kinds of tales teach about the human experience?

PAACE Format Reminder

· Primary Assertion: Start with the major claim (big idea) you will argue throughout your response. This is the thesis.

· Supporting Assertions: Support your major claim using supporting claims. In an essay question, the sub-questions can help you create supporting claims.

· Concrete Evidence: Each supporting claim needs to be supported by direct evidence from the text. When you close read, you want to include direct quotes.

· When you directly quote more than a single word or two, be sure you:

· a) introduce the quote by explaining where in the text it is used and who is speaking;

· b) cite the page number where you found the quote after the quote.

· Explain: Your job is to show how the evidence you choose supports your claims. You need to illuminate your thinking for the reader—explicitly explain what you see in the chosen evidence that demonstrates what you believe.

**To complete your response, you repeat the ACE portion until you have addressed all your supporting claims.

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