The idea that force should not be used to achieve social policy

April 4, 2021


I. Fruitvale Station

A. Colorblind frameworks

1. The idea that force should not be used to achieve social policy.

a. Oscar Grant tries to get his job back at the supermarket. His boss tells him he cannot do it he already hired someone else. Oscar Grant pleads with him to get the job and the boss simply shuts him down. Oscar is capable of doing the job yet he has just got out of trouble, so the boss does not want that kind of stuff around.

2. Minimization- A common frame used by whites to minimize the effect of race on what are fundamentally racialized issues.

a. Oscar Grant and his friends are on the train they get into a fight on the train. Officer Pirone pulls Grant and his friends off the train aggressively. Pirone drags Grant to the floor. Oscar is trying to keep the peace with both the police and his friends. Oscar pulls out his phone to record how the police are treating him and the police s yelling at him to get off the phone. Oscar stands up “Let me talk to you”. The police kicks him and urges him to sit down. Oscar states “They can’t arrest us cuz we didn’t do shit”. The police then gives the order to the other police to cuff him. Grant states “We just trying to get home”. The police has Oscar pinned down on the grown with their knee on his neck giving him the command to roll over. Oscar is telling them he cannot roll over. The police gets up off his neck tells him to roll over then grabs his gun and shoots Oscar in the back.

3. Cultural racism- is a concept that has been applied to prejudices and discrimination based on cultural differences between ethnic or racial groups. This includes the idea that some cultures are superior to others, and that various cultures are fundamentally incompatible and should not co-exist in the same society or state.

a. As soon as the fight on the train with Oscar Grant and his friends occur. The train comes to a stop and the police are called. Many people walk off the train at this time however as the white police are walking up they grab Oscar Grant’s friends who are black and wearing black t shirts and hoodies. The police yell “ You three to the wall, get you hands out of your pockets, get over there”. The police then yells “If you were in a fight on the train get the f*** off the train. No one gets off so he walks on the train looks at everyone but picks Oscar Grant the black man in a black T-shirt. The man who originally started the fight was Spanish and he was there as well but the police went straight for the black man.

4. Naturalization- When a group of individuals who physically resemble each other gather in places of employment, housing etc without the presence of minorities.

a. I could not find a scene.

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