Social and Mobile Marketing and Business Research, Analysis & Planning

Social and Mobile Marketing and Business Research, Analysis & Planning

Word limit: 1,500-2,000 Words

Learning Outcomes:

1. Monitor changes in digital environments and identify their potential opportunities and impacts on an organisation.

2. Critically analyse an organisation’s strategic information and digital system’s needs.

3. Plan and implement communications and information systems to achieve strategic goals.

Learning Focus:

Week 1: Overview of Electronic Commerce

Week 2: E-commerce Infrastructure: The Internet, Web, and Mobile Platform

Week 3: Building an E-commerce Presence: Websites, Mobile Sites, and Apps

Week 4: E-commerce Security and Payment Systems

Week 5: E-commerce Business Models and Concepts

Week 6: E-commerce Marketing and Advertising Concepts

Week 7: Social, Mobile and Local Marketing

This assignment covers concepts learned in Weeks 1 to 7 (inclusive) with a specific focus on concepts learned in Week’s 3, 5, 6 & 7. The textbook called E-commerce 2020-2021 business. technology. society. 16th edition by Kenneth C. Laudon & Carol Guercio Traver. Published by Pearson education limited.


You are a Northern Territory based entrepreneur. You would like to open an online Vegan restaurant called NoCow-NoFowl. This business will offer a range of dietary balanced vegan meals for pick-up from a Bagot Rd outlet or delivery to a customer’s preferred location.

The new and creative aspect of your planned business is that customer will be able to order their meals in two different formats: Dine-Home-Now or Make-It-Myself.

• Dine-Home-Now will result in the ready-to-eat meals prepared fresh and delivered directly to the customers preferred location within a guaranteed delivery time

• Make-It-Myself meals will be delivered in a convenient pack ready for a customer to follow simple step-by-step instructions on how to prepare the meal. There will be a guaranteed delivery time.

The meal preparation facility on Bagot Rd will not have in-house dining facilities. However, it will have a complete home delivery service: scooters for small orders and a van for larger and commercial orders. Customers will be able to order and pick-up meals directly at the preparation facility.

The anticipated primary ordering system is an online ordering system that will:

• Be connected to an eBusiness production package that will sequence the production of orders for the preparation area.

• Ensure available ingredients are tracked to ensure orders can be fulfilled. If ingredients become unavailable the related meal/s are removed from the menu automatically.

• Log and collate customer feedback.

The vision of the Business will be:

To sell fresh, healthy, tasty Vegan meals, for pick-up or delivery, that vegans and meat eaters will want to buy on a regular basis.

You have extensive experience in Vegan food preparation having learned from the best, your mum! However, you have little business experience including running commercial kitchens, setting up stocking and ordering systems, online marketing, advertising, and building online presence. While you are very experienced with social media because you us it everyday interacting with your friends, you haven’t explored the ecommerce opportunities of social media channels.

However, outside of the above detail you are unsure of how to proceed. You know that you need to conduct some serious research and planning and be critical of everything you think you know to ensure success in the online business space.

Task Details

To complete this assignment, you are going to construct a business plan using a report formatted with Harvard in text author-date style.

Your report will need to focus on:

• Describing in detail, the eCommerce strategy you are going to use to achieve your goals including aspects such as, but not limited to, revenue models, target markets, business models, development capital realization, Porter’s analysis, and SWOT analysis.

• Describing in detail, a marketing and advertising strategy for your eBusiness including aspects such as, but not limited to, behaviour models, Web site usage, consumer profiles, trust, and validity, mobile, Apps, email, social media, transaction logs, data collection, and cost benefit analysis.

Note: you need to clearly justify the key aspects, techniques, and strategies of your business proposal.


Fully addresses all aspects of the writing assignment. Stays on task throughout and answers all questions.

Evidence of broad, systematic and creative research. Selection of data goes beyond the mainstream literature/tutorial/textbook. Consistent and accurate referencing used throughout, showing ability to reference a range of source types. Ideas and words of others acknowledged.

Demonstrates skilful use of high quality, credible, relevant data to support arguments: effective analysis and discussion of statutes and cases to develop the essay.

Full and rich development: confident identification and discussion of the most relevant issues and principles. Shows sophistication in thinking and approach.

Clear and fluent expression indicates the report has been successfully edited and proofread before submission. Correct form for text type: (headings, indentations etc.); spelling, punctuation error-free.

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