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School of Professional Education and Executive Development


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School of Professional Education and Executive Development

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Integrated Study submission for the award of the

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Marketing Management


Fitness Industry in Hong Kong

Project Progress Report

· Title of the Study

Fitness Industry in Hong Kong

· Objectives of the Study

The objectives of the study is to deliberate the further career or jobs which is related to personal attributes. Through the personality test, some industry data analysis, to reach and in-depth analysis the industry and develop a personal career plan accordingly. It is a process by which one selects career goals and the path to these goal.

· Introduction/Background/Theoretical model

Nowadays, some culture in Hong Kong is changing. In this international Hong Kong, people start realizing their health. Work takes most of the time in everyday and without physical training, diseases and an unhealthy life enhance. Especially when diseases are infectable seriously. People realize the health problem and they start focusing on fitness or playing sports.

Also, people more focusing on health. They prefer a health and perfect body. People in Hong Kong were changing the lifestyle. Therefore a lot of fitness centres and personal trainers were rapidly increase and participate in fitness industry in recent years. According to 《香港健身guide》調查(一), many people know that the importance of fitness. They interviewed about 900 citizen. Above 80% of people were strongly agree that sports was good for health. Also 62% of interviewers choosing “fitness” as their top five favourite sports. Therefore, fitness industry turn into more popular in Hong Kong.

Besides that, over a half of interviewers stated that they would like to gym because of obesity or some pains in their body, such as back pain or shoulder pain. Through some exercise, it could improve the pain and get well to the body. 26.8% of interviewers would like to hire personal trainers because of they have professional certification and push the motivation.

· Background

Fitness is trending increasingly in the world. According to HKET (2020, February 18), it reported that in 2018, there were over 210,000 fitness centres in the world. The fitness industry has earned over 94 billion US dollar, the income was increased by 7.8% from 2017 and it would be further increased in 2019, which are investigated by international fitness and sports club.

During Hong Kong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong invited 723 people who were aged above 18 in 2015. They found that there were 66% of interviewers would do exercise in sometimes. Among that 70% of them started training because of staying healthy and 14% of people indicated that they did exercise as lose weight and keep fit. Besides that, there were 43.9% of respondents love running, and 8% of that would go fitness centre for staying healthy and losing weight. For the above survey, which means many people have exercising and some of them are enthusiastic in fitness. Therefore, Hong Kong people are more focusing on their healthy.

Moreover, HKET (2020, February 18), has also informed that there were three different kinds of fitness tendency, were increasing in Hong Kong. Firstly, 24 hours of operation fitness centre was important for Hong Kong people and it became more popular. Nowadays office workers have changed. The working hour were not simply from 9am to 6pm. Many people worked in shifts. It might be in the midnight when they got off work. Some people might still want to go training. Therefore some investors introduced the US fitness brand “Anytime Fitness” to Hong Kong in 2014. Also in the between of 2018 and 2019, there were 28 stores rapidly increased in Hong Kong, from 9 fitness centres to 37. Those were opened 24 hours and around 20% to 30% members would go fitness between 9pm to 3am in that period of time.

Additionally, “Work from Home” had been more common in the world. Physical fitness centres keep increasing, however the technology in the world was rapidly developed. Many fitness trainers uploaded their teaching content to social media, so that people could learn and do exercise at home. It also stated that although fitness at home was not a tendency in that industry, however there had many unknown factors in the future and technology was keep changing. Those business of physical fitness operators should keep attention on that. Comment by Fiona Tse [BHM]: Can you provide more evidence on the future development on fitness industry. Under the COVID-19 pandemic, fitness center is under a lot of pressure. What do you think it is still a good career plan in the future?

· Significance/Expected contribution of the study

For personal opinion, I expect my professional fitness and nutrition knowledge could help and improve my clients and my friends. I hope more and more people would like to focus more on eat health and do more exercises in the right position. As Hong Kong is one of the longest working hour in the world, if we do not care about our health, then death are really closer with us. I wish my personality could motivate people love doing exercise and send a positive and health messages to people.

The significance of the study is to well develop my career plan, analyse the fitness industry using “SWOT” and “PESTLE” model. Also to test my personality weather it is fulfil the industry requirements. Moreover this study would let me know more the difficulties or I would probably face the troubles within this industry in the future. That would also let me well prepare my career and not easily give up. Comment by Fiona Tse [BHM]: Student can include the personal career plan. What is your plan? How will enter the industry?

· Personality tests

The test is from United Kingdom’s website and free to take the personality test. The result of the test are automatically analysed and will receive a result which assign to you one of the 16 different personality types and one of two personality type variants, with a description of the traits of the particular personality.

Limited, N. A. (Ed.) (2021) stated that the results showed me I am a Consul, which is a person with Extraverted, Observant, Feeling and Judging personality traits. I am attentive and people-focused, and enjoy taking part in their social community. My achievements are guided by decisive values, and they willingly offer guidance to others.

This results fulfils the requirements of fitness industry. It requires knowledge, guidance and communication. People-focused would also benefit for my guidance to my students, I can easily observe their needs and improve the movement when we were having lessons. Therefore the personality results shows that I am suitable for fitness industry. Comment by Fiona Tse [BHM]: What are the important requirements/ factors to become a fitness trainer? How your personality fit with theses requirements?

· References Comment by Fiona Tse [BHM]: Reviewed too few literatures. The literature review is not sufficient.

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