Risk Management Framework Assignment

Risk Management Framework Assignment

Final Project

The final project is to ask you to prepare a report providing information and discussions on implementing one of the cybersecurity risk management frameworks (other than NIST RMF and FISMA) relating to a business of your choice such as (either factual or fictional). Examples include COSO framework, CIS Critical Security Controls, HITRUST CSF, ISO 27001, ISO 31000, FAIR, and more. Your report should address the c-level executives or board of directors regarding the business need of implementing the risk management framework you select. Ensure your report covers the following:

A description of your business (either factual or fictional);

Delineate cybersecurity risk scenario (such as threats, vulnerabilities, security posture, risk culture, etc.) of your business.

Your rationale for selecting that framework from an adoption and quality standpoint.

Taking the role of a risk professional, how will you encourage your organization (decision makers) to adopt the framework?

Identify challenges with the framework/standard and how does challenges can be solved.

Below are the milestones for the final project.

Framework selection (Fair-PepsiCo)

Create a short profile of a business of your choice including the type of business, the industry or sector it is in, the current cybersecurity posture (feel free to make your own assumptions), the challenges your business faces.

Identify the global cybersecurity risk management framework (other than NIST RMF) you would like to adopt.

Why do you think it might be the optimal choice for your business? (A very brief discussion on the rationale of picking the framework

The report must be between 1465 – 1,500 words (excluding the cover page and the references).

You cannot copy and paste someone else opinion, research, etc. Your writing MUST be original. But you are allowed to leverage someone else’s work. (You must make it clear; it is someone’s work by given appropriate credit, and proper citation).

Quoting someone’s work (even when credit/proper citation is given) is not original writing. As such, this paper cannot have more than 10% meaning (120 – 150 words) as a direct quotation.

Your submission will be uploaded to Turnitin to check for plagiarism, and I will take points off for any similarity index above 25%.

Formatting requirements for the word document:

Your submission should be double-spaced pages of text. Additional pages of figures, references and appendices are not included in the word counts (1,465 -1,500 words).

Your submission should be submitted as a Microsoft Word file. All text in the manuscript should be double spaced, with a 1-inch margin on all four sides. The paper size should be set to ‘Letter’ (8.5 inches X 11 inches). Manuscripts should be prepared in Times New Roman Font, Font size 12.

Citation: APA 7.0 format (both in-text citations and bibliography should follow the APA requirement). The paper is subject to grade deduction if there are no in-text citations!

A minimum of 5 references is required.

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