Researched Argument Assignment Essay

Researched Argument Assignment Essay


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my topic is: comparison of online learning and traditional learning

please include authors note


Now that you have read and analyzed a substantial amount about your research question, you should be ready to enter into the dialogue yourself and formulate an answer. The researched argument paper should establish your position within the conversation you synthesized in the Research Review.


An effective researched argument does more than just relate information—and it goes beyond simply summarizing and reviewing articles and/or stringing together a bunch of quotes from sources. Instead, you need to put forth your own opinion—expressed as a clear claim supported by valid reasons—and incorporate your synthesized research to create a cohesive, articulate argument intended to persuade a target audience who is also participating in the conversation.

Writing Purpose

The goal of this essay is to persuade your readers to see the legitimacy of your point of view as a contribution to the conversation you synthesized in the Research Review. Your audience needs to accept your position as valid, even if they don’t necessarily agree with it.


Because the purpose of this essay is to persuade your readers to agree with your claim, your researched argument should:

Establish the context of that conversation and the importance of the topic under consideration.
Address a particular audience of readers invested in the topic and are possibly already participating in the conversation you’ve entered.
Use the most effective rhetorical approach to reach your intended audience. Such an approach might include any or all of the following:
Convincing your audience to consider the validity of your position as a valuable contribution to the conversation
Broadening your audience’s perception of the topic by providing them with new information geared at shaping their understanding
Clarifying your audience’s understanding of the topic by taking their vague or common view of the subject in order to make it a more accurate reflection of the issue under discussion
Declare your position on the issue by making a claim.
Synthesizes ideas from multiple sources.
Develop your argument by supporting your claim with evidence.
Consider alternative positions/counterarguments within the conversation.
Conclude by tying together your key points and providing readers with ideas for further consideration.
Your essay should be approximately 5–6 MLA formatted pages in length (1500–1800 words). If you find it difficult to write 6 pages on your topic (or if you find it difficult to stay within 8 pages), then you should consider rethinking your topic and/or the main argument. The points and details you provide to support your perspective will require this much attention and writing.
Your essay should include an author’s note at the beginning.

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