Qualities of Women as Leaders, Essay Example


  • Women have more expressive faces and smile more often. (Brown and Irby, 2001)
  • Women are able to create a friendlier and more pleasant atmosphere at work, using personalized designs and interior
  • As females like avoiding open conflicts the atmosphere of meetings led by a woman can be more pleasant.


  • Women are more emotional and try to understand problems from different aspects. Being emotional is not a negative thing when leaders try to understand the motivations of their employees.
  • Being affectionate results in caring for the employees and building stronger relationships
  • Affectionate female leaders build stronger commitment among employees

Keen imagination

  • Imagination of the leadership results in strong values and company mission
  • Thinking outside of the box and not following the written guidelines word by word leads to innovation
  • Keen imagination creates visions for the future of the company or organization


  • Empathy promotes better job performance among employees, according to Forbes Magazine (2011).
  • Empathy can help leaders spot when employees are struggling and find the right approach to support talent
  • Empathy is useful during negotiation processes as females are better at understanding others’ views.


  • Female leaders do not only value good employees but show appreciation as well.
  • Female leaders are also able to find the right channels and communication methods to show appreciation
  • Rewarding systems are more relevant and motivating when they are created by female leaders. (Powell, 1990)


  • A friendly atmosphere is better to work in, therefore, employee retention would be higher
  • It is easier to approach a friendly leader with personal or professional problems before they would fully escalate, therefore, the number of conflicts or issues would be lower
  • Friendly leaders build relationships with colleagues, professional contacts ane employees and promote a healthy business atmosphere


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