Public Health Issues Discussion Paper

Public Health Issues Discussion Paper


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Overview: This assignment constitutes the first step of your final project. The final project is a presentation exploring public health goals and a public health response to a health problem. Specifically, you will select a recent health issue identified as a priority health topic by the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) and/or Healthy People 2020 (HP 2020).

Prompt : Take a look at the five broad public health categories below. They cover a lot of territory! Your assignment is to narrow the field by choosing a category and then a specific topic you will explore in your final project. We suggest the following steps to accomplish this first milestone

1. Review the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric document so you know what you are aiming for. There are specific requirements you must meet.

2. Select one or more categories below and conduct an initial review. We have provided useful links for each category. These sources will introduce you to the specific issues for you to choose from.

Table, timeline Description automatically generated

3. After you select your category, seriously consider the topics by exploring all each web source for that category, and then select your specific topic. You must select one topic from one of the categories listed above. You want your topic to be limited enough to address within the confines of the final project.

Then, address the following critical elements by completing the Milestone One: Background part of the Final Project Template and including the Notes for each completed slide:

· Identify the specific topic you will explore—this means you need to pick a specific population and issue in regards to the general topic you chose from the table above.

· Explain the significance of the issue; why is this issue a problem? Consider the impacts this issue may have on the community, the healthcare system, the economy, and so on.

· State the goal for the intervention/response to the particular issues chosen (e.g., to prevent, to reduce impact, to manage long-term issues).

· Using APA format, locate and cite at least two scholarly resources on the topic.

Guidelines for Submission: Submit your Final Project Template with the Background slides completed. Submit the file as a PDF document showing your speaker

notes. Review the Presentation Guidelines document for instructions on how to write the speaker notes and save your presentation as a PDF.

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