Pricing Strategy Homework Assignment

Pricing Strategy Homework Assignment


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Team Presentation: Pricing Strategy

BUSU 620 Week # 6 Assignment and Rubric

Length: 15 – 20 minute team presentation

Due: Week #6

Value: 200 Points for 20% of the total course grade

Format: Oral Team presentation via Online Zoom uploaded in Blackboard Assignment Submission by Sunday Week #6

Background: Pricing products or services can be a difficult task in the market. If a company prices the product too high it will sit on shelves, while pricing a product too low will result in shortages. Both of these scenarios lead to lower profits. From the perspective of this course, we know that a firm should produce until marginal revenue equals marginal cost. Therefore, as long as the additional revenue from the last product is greater than the additional cost, continue to produce.

The purpose of this team project is to research, analyze, and present a specific pricing strategy. The team can choose from one of the following examples or select a specific product/service of interest:

i. Kindle Fire

ii. Sony Playstation 5

iii. Apple Watch

iv. Moderna Vaccine

v. Chuck E Cheese

vi. Mylan EpiPen

vii. Volkswagen and Bugatti


1. A team of 3-5 students will need to select one of the topics provided above or agree on a specific product in Week 3. One member of the team should email the instructor providing team member names and first, second, and third choice for the topic. Please note each team will have a unique topic, unless there are more than 7 teams in the course. The instructor will create a group in the users section of Blackboard. This will enable group members to collaborate on the project.

2. Become familiar with the Pricing Strategy resources provided in Week 3. This includes the topics discussed in class regarding supply and demand, market type (competition), and pricing strategies. Please note that pricing a product is discussed throughout the course, with an emphasis in weeks 4 and 5.

3. Your team will make up the Pricing Department, reporting an overview of your product and strategies to executives. You are expected to provide a recommendation with support from economic theory. This presentation will be 15-20 minutes recorded through the Zoom application.

4. Your team is expected to have no more than 10 slides maximum, including Title and Reference slides. Feel free to use Powerpoint, Google Slides, Prezi, or other presentation software/tools. The team should address the following regarding their topic:

a. Brief overview of the product or service. What purpose does it serve?

b. Overview of the market.

i. What competition exists? Are there barriers to entry?

1. Monopoly, Oligopoly, Monopolistic Competition, Perfect Competition

2. Potential change – regulation, market environment, etc.

ii. What could impact supply or demand of the product.

1. Factors that could shift demand or supply

2. Market outcomes (Price, Quantity)

iii. Current pricing strategy

1. Is this profit maximizing given the market?

iv. Given the firm, market structure, and product, what other pricing strategies could be implemented? Refer to text and Chapter 10 – Advanced Pricing Decisions

c. Additional resources to support potential strategies. The project is required to have at least 5 resources, including articles provided and textbook.

d. As the Pricing Department, provide a final strategy recommendation to executives. This might include a trial period or alternative scenarios.

Deliverable: Each team member needs to upload the Zoom recording and Team Assessment to Blackboard’s Week 6 Assignments folder. In addition, one member from the team needs to create a thread in the Discussion Board Week 7. Please title the thread your product. In the thread include an introduction to your team members and provide the link to watch the presentation through Zoom.

Rubric: Evaluation Criteria for Team Presentation – Week 6

Presentation Elements Exemplary








Not Complete





40 – 36

Clearly and concisely describes the product and purpose it serves.

35 – 32

Clearly defines the product and purpose.


31 – 24

Describes the product without addressing the purpose.

23 – 1

Vaguely describes the product and/or the purpose of it.


An introduction to the product is not provided.


Analysis of Firm and Market Structure


40 – 36

Clearly and concisely describes the firm and market structure.

35 – 32

Fairly clearly describes the firm and market structure.

31 – 24

Describes the firm and market structure unclearly.

23 – 1

Vaguely describes the firm and market structure.


The firm and market structure are not identified or discussed.


Potential Factors of Supply and Demand

40 – 36

Clearly identifies and relates to the market factors that would impact supply and demand of product.

35 – 32

Identifies and relates to the market factors that would impact supply and demand of product.

31 – 24

Somewhat relates to the market factors that would impact supply and demand of a product.

23 – 1

Vaguely relates to the market factors that would impact supply and demand of a product.


Factors that would impact supply and demand are not discussed.



Conclusion and suggestions


50 – 45

Clearly and concisely summarizes the current and potential pricing strategies. Quality recommendations are provided.

44 – 40

Fairly clearly summarizes the current and potential pricing strategies. Recommendations provided align with theory.

39 – 30

Somewhat summarizes pricing strategies. Recommendations align with theory.

29 – 1

Vaguely summarizes the current pricing strategy.. Recommendation is not provided.


No conclusion or summary is provided.



Team Assessment

10 – 9

Constructive feedback is provided for all team members. Overall feedback from peers is positive.

8 – 7

Feedback is provided for all team members. On average feedback from peers is positive.


6 – 5

Feedback is provided for all team members. Neutral feedback provided from team members.

4- 1

Vague feedback is provided for your team members. Neutral feedback on average provided from peers.


Team Assessment is not uploaded. Overall feedback from peers is not positive.


Organization of slides and references

20 – 18

Slides are clear and concise. Five quality references provided including supporting references and textbook.

17 – 16

Slides are fairly clear. Four quality resources including supporting references and the textbook.

15 – 12

Slides are somewhat clear with at least 3 resources including supporting references and textbook.

11 – 1

Slides are somewhat vague. Two to three quality resources are provided..


Slides are not provided. Two resources or less are provided.


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