Operations And Project Management Process

Operations And Project Management Process

For this assignment, imagine you are a newly recruited
junior consultant at this

organisation and you are required to prepare a comprehensive

management report of 2,500 words to your operations manager
fulfilling both

tasks below.

The chosen company is Fair Finance, www.fairfinance.org.uk


Critically evaluate any two of the below operations areas by
discussing the main

theories / concepts / frameworks in each area AND then apply
them by

discussing real and complex examples from your selected

A. Supply Chain Management – (Slack, Chapter 12)

B. Quality Management – (Slack, Chapter 17)

C. Capacity & Inventory Management – (Slack, Chapters
11 & 13)


Your new line manager asked you to include an investigative
section in your

consultancy report so to evaluate how your organisation’s
operations department

interacts / interrelate with any one other department from
within your

organisation from the below:

 Human Resources Management Department – (Slack, Chapter 9)

 Marketing & Sales Department

 Accounting & Finance Department.

Thus, this consultancy report will illustrate your
understanding of the role of the

operations department in creating competitive advantage at
your selected

organisation (LO1). It will also show to your new line
manager the

interdependence of the operations department on other
functions within the

company (LO2).

The suggested standard report format should include the
following sections:

 A cover page

 An executive summary – 1 page, with brief overview of
report content.


 A contents page – 1 page, showing all relevant sections
and subsections

 An introduction – 300 words about your selected

 Findings section – 2000 words as main body with four
subsections as


 A Conclusion section – 200 words – as overall conclusion

 A reference list – minimum of 8 to 10 academic sources in


 Appendix – optional


1. Knowledge, understanding and analysis of the theories /
concepts in

relation to all topics (Skills). – 25 marks.

2. Demonstrating Research and Application by providing

examples from the selected organisation (Content)– 25 marks

3. Relevant Authenticity and Investigation into the
Interrelation of

Operations with other Functions (Content, Skills) – 25 marks

4. Originality, Structure, Presentation, Referencing
(Skills) – 25 marks


– Slack N. and Brandon-Jones A. (2019). Operations
Management, (9th Edition),

London: Pearson. Core Chapters: 9, 11, 12, 13, 17.

– Slack N. and Brandon-Jones A. (2018). Essentials of
Operations Management

(2nd Edition), London: Pearson. Core Chapters: 6, 7, 8 &

– Other industry reports from your selected organisation.

Students should also consult the main academic journals in
the field:

 Production and Operations Management

 Manufacturing & Service Operations Management

 International Journal of Operations & Production

 British Journal of Management

 Harvard Business Review

 Sloan Management Review

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