Network Routing And Switching Question

Network Routing And Switching Question

COIT20261 Network Routing and Switching (Term 1, 2017)
Supplementary Assignment

DUE DATE: Friday 9th September 2017 at 11:45pm


This supplementary assignment was sent to you because you were granted a grade of SA (Supplementary Assessment). The assignment gives you an opportunity to achieve a Pass in the unit by earning enough marks to reach 50% of total unit marks.
The marks you gain in this assignment will REPLACE the marks you received in the original assignment. Your new total unit marks (from this assignment plus the exam you have already sat) must then reach 50% or more in order to achieve a final pass.

On completion of this supplementary assignment, you must email it to the unit coordinator ( ) by or before the due date stated at the header of this document.

If you do not return this assignment by the due date, or if your new unit total still does not reach 50%, then your grade of SA will revert to an F (Fail), and you would need to repeat the unit in order to pass it. If your new unit total reaches 50% or more, your grade of SA will be changed to a P (Pass).

This assessment task requires you to demonstrate understanding of basic routing and switching concepts by completing a number of exercise questions. The questions contain various numerical as well as descriptive questions covering the material from Weeks 1 to 9 as well as some questions that require further reading, analysis and evaluation.

Completing these questions should help you to achieve the course learning outcomes as listed in the course profile.

You must do this assignment on your own.

There are three questions in this assignment worth a total of 40 marks.

Type all your answers in the ‘Template for Your Answers’ Section in this document and email it as instructed above. Email the document in its original format (word doc), do not change it to PDF or any other format. Any answers not typed into the “Template for Your Answers” section may not be marked, or may be returned to you for re-typing and re-submission – late penalties will apply.

You must show all your working, that is, steps you took to arrive at your answers. Write your answers in your own words to avoid possible plagiarism and copyright violations.

Plagiarism Procedures can be found in the CQUniversity Policies section of the Course Profile.

The Assignment Questions begin on the next page.

Question 1 (10 marks)

Given the following network, construct the routing table of router R1:

Question 2 (15 marks)

A company has been granted a block of addresses starting with the address The company decides that it needs 5 subnets according to needs, as follows:

Subnet 1 – needs 63 addresses

Subnet 2 – needs 47 addresses

Subnet 3 – needs 30 addresses

Subnet 4 – needs 13 addresses

Subnet 5 – needs 15 addresses

a) Calculate the total number of addresses available in the block of addresses granted to the company. Show your working or reasoning. (3 marks)

b) Create the five subnets for this company, for each one, show the first and last address with correct prefix (in CIDR notation). Show your working or reasoning. (2 marks per correct subnet, for total of 10 marks).

c) How many addresses are unallocated? (2 marks)

Question 3 (15 marks)

A university department with 1,500 staff wants to shift their main webserver to the Cloud.

a) Research three cloud providers including: Amazon ec2 (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud), Linode (Linode Cloud) and one of your choosing, making three in total. Compare and contrast their major features and offerings with emphasis on networking benefits. (6 marks).

b) From a networking point of view, what are the potential cost advantages and disadvantages of moving the server to the Cloud? (6 marks)

c) Give your recommendation, with reasons, whether the company should go ahead or not, and with which cloud provider. (3 marks)

Instructions for answering Question 3:

Remember to use correct referencing in Harvard style including in-text citations and the reference list. Marks will be deducted on a per-question basis for incorrect referencing.

As a rough guide, aim for about 800 words in total not including references, it doesn’t matter if it is a bit less or more than that. This question will be marked on clarity, logic, sound reasoning, and adequate addressing of the issues raised, not on the number of words.

The Answer Template begins on the next page


Type your answers in this section in the spaces provided

First Name:_________________________ Last Name:____________________________

Student ID: __________________________

Question Number



Mark awarded

Question 1: (10 marks)

Router Table for router R1:


Network address

Next-hop address



Question 2: (15 marks)







Question 3: (15 mark)







Total marks awarded

40 (max)

Less late penalties if applicable

Less plagiarism penalties if applicable

Total marks earned

Markers comments:









Default Router

Rest of the






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