My Personal Journey Into the World of Writing, Research Paper Example

A lot can be said about the manner in which I did not know much English at the beginning of this course. This was due to the lack of English proficiency that I used to have. I cannot say that I was not intimidated at first, being around individuals who knew much more English than I did. My grammatical syntax was all not that good and I had many problems when attempting to construct a structurally sound paragraph. Despite all of these misfortunes, I can attest the quote “Practice makes perfect” because it really does. After spending countless nights learning about pronouns and how sentences are correctly formed, I am now proud to say that I have acquired the right amount of knowledge to deliver an effective research paper. I began Writing 101 with close to absolutely no writing skills; now I leave the class with a perfect amount of knowledge on what it takes to carry a point across.


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When I first started this course, I knew that I was invariably going to learn a great deal about a lot of things related to English writing. However, I did not expect to learn all of the knowledge that I now have in my possession all due to this course. Of course, I had some help along the way. When I did not understand everything about writing and paragraph formation, I often turned to tutoring, whether it be from friends and/or family. They were always more than willing to help me out in whatever I needed. I truly appreciated the fact that they were willing to go out of their way and make time for me, despite the fact that they may have been busy. On the other side, when family and friends were not available to guide me through the mysteries of English writing, I often times took a look at all of the online resources offered by the professor. I found it extremely beneficial that the professor was willing to lend a hand in whatever any student needed throughout the course of the class.

Throughout my life, I have become more and more aware of the idea that one can get whatever one wants if one states what one wants in an effective manner. What is meant by this is that if something is said in the correct manner, then a person could be granted anything he or she wished for. For example, say a person were to want something from a family member who lives thousands of miles away. This individual would write a heart-felt letter to the family member explaining extenuating circumstances and why he or she needs a certain favor. The family member would, of course, fulfill the favor. What is great about this is that the communication would happen through writing, which is why it is so imperative that everyone knows how to properly create solid sentences by a given age.

In the future, I know that I will be able to take on any writing task that I am assigned. I am incredibly indebted to this course for teaching me just about everything that I ever wanted to know about writing. Not only that, but throughout this class, I am now able to cherish and be cognizant of the actuality of just how important it is to have proper grammar and well-structured paragraphs. Failure to recognize these characteristics of good writing could at times cause someone their job or other similar consequences. Despite the fact that it will be difficult for individuals to always have a perfect essay or research paper delivered in any given course, I have also learned that it is vital to double-check one’s work.

When I learned this and I started double-checking essays that I had done in the past, I realized just how many errors I had committed because of my failure to check my own work. Another thing that I learned is that it is often times a good idea to ask someone else to check one’s work. This is because of the manner in which one might not recognize one’s own errors until someone else points those errors out. Therefore, I am assured of the fact that any future writing endeavors that I take I will have my professor or other individuals who understand proper writing styles to check my work in order to pass all of my writing classes. This course was able to teach me so many things about how to carry a point across effectively and in a timely manner. Because of this, I am unquestionably looking forward to any future writing classes that I undertake so that I am able to prove to myself that I am a great writer. However, before I become the great writer that I hope to someday be, I must put in my best efforts into learning more about English writing.

I began Writing 101 with close to absolutely no writing skills; now I leave the class with a perfect amount of knowledge on what it takes to carry a point across. I am incredibly thankful of the fact that I have been able to gain such a vast amount of knowledge from a such a short course. I believe that my success in this course could certainly be attributed to the manner in which I dedicated so much time into this course and how I am able to really delve myself into the material. The reason I did this is because halfway through the course, I came to the realization of just how much I love English writing. I told myself that I would not allow myself to quit simply because the class kept getting more difficult and the coursework increased over time. Overall, I would without a doubt recommend Writing 101 to anyone who is a beginning at writing and who wishes to learn much more about the English language in regards to writing.

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