Module 2 Reading Review (chapter 4-5)

Module 2 Reading Review (chapter 4-5)

This assignment has three parts. Please follow the directions below. Please upload your paper here.

Part 1 – Exercise: Access the Internet and locate a local criminal justice agency Web site. Using a systems theory perspective, describe a possible process, including inputs, outputs, feedback, and the environment, of the agency. 

Be sure to:

1) Describe the organizational environment.

2) Describe the interplay between the organization and the environment (process).

3) Describe the inputs, outputs, and feedback.

4) Discuss your “hypothetical” findings.

This part of your review should be about one double-spaced page, or about 250 words. 

Part 2 – Discuss how human relations or human resource theories differ from traditional theories of management. Give a (basic) hypothetical example of these theories in action and discuss the pros and cons of each.

This part of your review should be about one to one and a half double-spaced pages, or about 250-400 words. 

Part 3 – Reflection: This is your opportunity to reflect on any of your responses above. There is no right or wrong answer here – I would just like to provide you the opportunity to share any insight, thoughts, opinions, and questions, you might have. This section should be between one-half to one page in length, or about 150-250 words. 

In all, the written portion of this assignment, which you will upload here, should be no less than three to no more than four pages in length, double spaced. Please use 12pt Times New Roman font and standard 1″ margins. Please note: efforts to make more look less or less look more will negatively impact your grade. APA formatting should always be followed, including and especially proper citation and references. 

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