MGMT 670 Spring 2021

SFSU MGMT 670 – Dr. Ipek


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MGMT 670 Spring 2021

Team Project Summary

Learning Objectives:

· Apply course learning to a real-world business situation

· Apply course learning to a live team management situation

· Develop tacit skills in areas of professional communication, teamwork, and leadership


Teams will identify an organization that has recently (not more than less than 2 years) undergone an organization change, collect secondary research through academic and non-academic internet sources, and write a 12-15 page, double-spaced final report (not including Front page, index, references, and Appendix) summarizing their findings.

There are 3 main deliverables involved with this:

1. An initial draft. This is due on 7 April, 2021. The purpose of this draft is to have a roadmap of your paper. This draft should be NO MORE THAN 4 or 5 pages, double-spaced (not including Front page, index, references, and Appendix). I will provide each team detailed feedback within 1 week, which should be included in the final paper.

2. A final paper. This is due on 5 May, 2021. The paper is a 12-15 page, double-spaced final report (not including Front page, index, references, and Appendix). There will be examples on iLearn. You cannot choose these companies again.

3. A final presentation. This is due on 5 May, 2021. Originally set for zoom, will discuss other options in class.

These deliverables should be included:

Initial draftPaperPresentation
Introduction Tell in 1-2 paragraphs what the paper is about, why this organization was chosen and briefly talk about the change that the paper will discuss more
Organization Description Provides overview of organization itself. Keep this brief – max 1/2 page. Includes all of the following: 1) What the org. does, how long it has been around, where it is located, and significant milestones or events in its history 2) The organization’s financial situation (either current or for the time the change occurred) 3) The core people who work there, including numbersxxx
Organization design Describes the organization structure of the company. Employs the concepts we will cover in weeks 12 and 13xx
What is the Change? Introduce the change that this company has undergone or announced. Here is one example: Due to COVID-19 changes in work from home policies, selling of assets such as offices, how this will impact future strategy and organizational culture, … The reader needs to understand what the change is
Background Sets the stage for the analysis by describing the wider environment in which org exists. Describes the political, legal, cultural, or/and environmental environment. Papers will get maximum points if: Thoroughly describes the industry and environment in which the project site operates, including recent trends and significant events. Cites industry research where
Analysis of environment In addition, each team should use one strategic model from previous courses such as SWOT, Porter’s five forces, and PESTEL analysis to examine the political, legal, or/and environmental environment. Choose one tool, and justify why this is the best tool for the analysis of YOUR company and the company’s problem.xx
Factors that necessitated change Factors that necessitated change (e.g., environmental changes like government regulations, competition, or consumer preferences). · Here the previously applied strategic models will be of help. Explain how the organization previously operated and why this was not working · For example, think of how new ways of doing business affect old ways, such as bookstores closing down with increased online competitionxxx
Results How the change was carried out, using course principles to describe the process Evaluation of the change. Was it successful? Unsuccessful? How do you know? (e.g., did the stock price fall/climb, did the organization expand to new places, etc.)xx
Recommendations Recommendations for future changes, including implementation advice. Here it is important to use specific interventions we discussed throughout the class.xx
Conclusion Provides a synthesis that ‘ties it all in a bow’, Ends paper.xx
Appendix Section of additional matter.x
EXTRA POINTS Papers that employ one of the change models in their analysis (Lewin, Kotter, Nadler-Tushman, Burke-Litwin, or Weisbord from chapter 4) get extra points.

Each final paper should have at least 5 academic and 5 non-academic references. For academic references, I encourage you to look into outlets such as Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey Research (see also the list I provided for your individual data collection project). Papers will be evaluated based on presentation and grammar!

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