Is It Possible to Work While Being a Student?

Is It Possible to Work While Being a Student?


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There are many who believe that students are not supposed to work. They have various ways of justifying this. Some say that they should not work simply because they do not need to. Some say that it is just too early. Well, irrespective of the excuse, we will always disagree. Students should most definitely work jobs. In the first part of the article, we will talk about why it is important for a student to start working. In the second part of the article, we will address how a student can actually work. There are certain things to be careful about to ensure that you don’t bite off more than you can chew. So, let’s take a look.

Why Should Students Work?

The Best Way to Learn Managing Time!

Multitasking is the best way to learn how to efficiently manage your time. On one hand, you will be attending classes as a student and on the other hand, you will be working on your shift. If you need an extra hand with homework, Edusson can help out. Juggling two lives at the same time might seem very challenging towards the beginning. However, it is the ideal way of improving your skills. 

An Awesome Way to Build a CV! 

If you start getting work experience from an early age, it will be great for your CV. Recruiters at companies and professors at college will take you more seriously. It will definitely increase your chances of getting a very good job. It can also help you end up with a scholarship. The knowledge you gain through your job at such an early age will give you an extra advantage over your peers. 

A Great Chance of Making Money!

One of the best things about working as a student is that you don’t need pocket money. This eases the financial burden on your parents to a certain extent. You can also pay for your own tuition fees. Most importantly, you can save up for the future. Every penny matters. Taking an education loan for attending college might ultimately remain a necessity, but if you can save up a little bit of money to help with that, then why not?

Get Great Benefits

Every job comes with its own set of benefits, be it cash discounts on merchandise or a travelling allowance. These benefits might seem trivial to others, but for a student, they go a long way. These benefits can help make the life of a student easier as well as more enjoyable. Imagine how awesome it would be to get a discount on an expensive pair of shoes from Nike just because you work there!

How Can Students Work?


Internships are very useful. There are many educational institutions that even incorporate internships as a part of their academic curriculum. Irrespective of whether it be study or work, interning can help. Internships provide a live demonstration of your work ethics and skills to the people of the company. So, eventually, the management might end up offering you to work in the company permanently. 


The greatest thing about freelancing is that you get flexibility in your working schedule. Usually, a freelancer is not bound by dress codes and other unnecessary formalities. That is why, the other name for a freelancing job is casual job. It is becoming very popular among students lately. 

Working on Vacations

Every school gives vacations during Summer. Don’t waste the vacation by just hanging out with your friends. Yes, we understand that breaks are important, but vacations give you so much free time that you can use it to work a nice job. Contractual jobs lasting a month or so are ideal for students interested to work on vacations.

Working Part Time

Now, this might get a bit hectic, but if you are up for the challenge, we will encourage you to go for it. You can live as a student during the day and work part time during nights. However, working after school might make it difficult to finish your homework regularly. Nonetheless, it can be one more lesson on time management.


By now, you have understood two things. Firstly, you should work a job while being a student. Secondly, it is very much possible for you to be able to do it. Most essentially, working a job from an early age will help you develop a sense of ethics as well as a priority for discipline. You will learn to value hard work. In conclusion, working makes you a better human being. 

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