Interview Questions

Interviewer: ___________________________________________________________________

Date: _________________Time:_____________Location: __________________

Name of Person you are interviewing: __________________________________________  Age:______________

Signature of Interviewee: _______________________________________  Date___________

Contact #: _________________________

Relationship to you or how you know this person: ___________________________________________

Interview Questions:

What is your view of Wellness? Go over the dimensions with them for better clarification.

Would you describe yourself as physically active?  Why or Why Not?

Would you describe yourself as healthy?  Why or Why Not?

What changes have you noticed as you have aged?  





Do you think these changes are a natural process of aging?

How do you compare yourself to others the same age as you?

Do you think you are in as good of shape as you were 20 years ago?  Why or why not?

What are some of the good and bad things about aging?

Do you ever worry about injuring yourself or worry about falling?

Are there any health concerns you have?  BP, Cholesterol, diabetes etc?

Do you feel like you have a good social network? Friends, relatives etc.

Do you believe exercise is important?  Why?

Do you enjoy exercise?

Do you participate regularly in exercise?  


Why do you exercise?

Do exercise alone or with others?

What type of exercise do you do?

Resistance training:





How often?  How much time do you spend?  What does your routine look like?

How do you gage intensity for each type of exercise?

Where do you go to exercise?

What keeps you exercising?  Any tips to get others motivated?

What changes could your community make to encourage you and others to exercise more often?

Do you participate in any sports?  Which ones?  How often?

In the past did you ever play any sports?  Which ones?

If NO current participation in Physical Activity…

Did you before?  

Why don’t you anymore, or what made you stop?

What would make you more likely to engage in an exercise program?

What type of physical activity do you like?  (etc. dancing, yoga, sports, golf)

Do you know what is recommended as far as exercise goes?  Aerobics, resistance training etc.?

Are you physically active even if you don’t participate in exercise?  Gardening, shopping etc.

Do you participate in any sports?  Which ones?  How often?

In the past did you ever play any sports?  Which ones?

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