Interdisciplinary Studies Research Paper

Interdisciplinary Studies Research Paper

You will have free reign over this paper in terms of choosing the sources and topic. The paper needs to relate the topic you choose to the following fields of study: business management, mass communications. The paper will also need an annotated bibliography of “three academic articles” that address the research topic. I will keep in communication with you via email or text message and give input as/if needed.

Description: The final paper will draw from the readings, supplemental course material, and online discussions from the first twelve weeks of the course. Your final paper should be 750-1,250 words in length (4-6 double-spaced pages), in either MLA or APA style, contain parenthetical (in-text) citations with page numbers, and include a bibliography page. The deadline for the final paper is December 14 by 11:59PM (DOC, DOCX, or PDF format). Essays are graded based on the following,
Final Paper (14 points total)
proposal (0 to 4 points)
comprehension of the material (0 to 3 points)
argument (0 to 2 points)
coherence and organization (0 to 2 points)
grammar and style (0 to 1 point)
citations (0 to 1 point)
Answer each part of the following:

1. Select a ‘research topic’ that you have encountered in one of your three concentration areas. The research topic can come from a course you are currently enrolled in or from a course in the past. You do not need to be an expert on your research topic. Rather, you should pick a topic that you feel comfortable discussing in a non-academic setting. (Test out potential research topics on friends and family. Select a different topic if you cannot explain it in less than 5 minutes.)

2. Submit a two to three page proposal that includes an annotated bibliography of three academic articles that address your research topic. An academic article is one that follows a peer-review process and it is often published by a university press. For the first page, introduce your research topic and create an outline of how you plan to organize your paper. The remaining one to two pages are for the annotated bibliographies. Include a full citation for each article and one to two paragraphs summarizing the relevant points for your research topic.

3. Answer the following questions for your final paper.

A. How does this discipline or field of study define, explain, and measure your research topic? Identify relevant theories, types of data, and methods used.

B. Apply the concepts of ‘clarity’, ‘depth and breadth’, and ‘logic’ from chapter 8 to evaluate the disciplinary insights into your research topic. Use ‘mapping’ to create a visual representation of your research topic.

C. Do you know how your two remaining concentration areas approach this research topic? If so, briefly describe the theories, kinds of data, and methods used in your remaining concentration areas. If not, explain how you could begin the research process to locate the relevant information.

List of sample research topics (this is by no means an exhaustive list)

Sociology: aging, family, gender, deviance, political economy, race, education, religion, health, etc.
Philosophy: knowledge, reality, morality, religion, mind/body, politics, aesthetics, art, etc.
Legal Studies: law and society, institutions, social values, practices, justice, etc.
Fine Arts: conceptual art, visual art, performance, aesthetics, architecture, etc.
Biology: energy, evolution, organisms, environment, ecology, genes, etc.
Review the following checklist before submitting your paper.

□ Did you address each component of the question (A, B and C)?

□ Do you have a clearly identifiable introduction, body and conclusion in your paper?

□ Did you follow MLA or APA style for writing an academic paper?

□ Did you review the UALR Academic Integrity presentation located here?

IDST 3350 Final Paper Fall 2021.pdf

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