Initial Lake Load Response Model Discussion Questions

Initial Lake Load Response Model Discussion Questions


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Initial Lake Load Response Model Discussion Questions

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Sketch a simple conceptual model of Pine River Pond showing the lake, primary inputs, tributaries and removal mechanisms or storage.

Build the Lake Load Management Model for Phosphorus for Pine River Pond

Use the land allocation from the DES file. You will need to match NLCD land useLinks to an external site. to categories in the model.

Use the Mean value in the model for coefficients, waterfowl and septic loads

Briefly describe how the model works, and answer the following questions:

  • List land uses, and any discrepancies between NLCD and LLRM categories. Why did you select the LLRM category? What would you do if your region had a land use that was not listed in the LLRM template?
  • How would it change your results is you use the median, rather than mean?
  • Do you think the defaults for septic and waterfowl are reasonable? How could you get more accurate values for these inputs?
  • What are the predicted concentrations from the model? How do they compare to the measured concentrations (from homework 6.
  • Are there inputs or sources that are missing from the model?

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