Individual Assignment Marking Rubric

Individual Assignment Marking Rubric Marking criteria Weight Excellent Very good Good PassNot satisfactoryProblem solving-­‐explain fundamental economic concepts-­‐use of diagrams and equations30%Comprehensively applies a wide range of knowledge and skills appropriate to the solution of relevant problems. Identifies, defines and constructs novel recommendations on this basis.Effectively applies a wide range of knowledge and skills appropriate to the solution of relevant problems. Identifies, defines and constructs relevant recommendations on this basis evaluated against outcomes.Adequately applies the essential range of knowledge and skills appropriate to the solutions of relevant problems. Identifies, defines and constructs recommendations on this basis. Some of the solutions have been evaluated against the purpose of the outcome.Describes some of the knowledge appropriate to the solution. Relevant problems have been omitted, and the solutions or recommendations are limited. Some of the solutions have not been evaluated against the purpose of the outcome.Does not adequately describe the problem. The problem solving technique has not integrated sufficient knowledge and skills to provide viable solutions.Critical Analysis-­‐describe relevant market-­‐predict effects of change on price and quantities-­‐critically analysis of effects-­‐discussion and evaluation30%Comprehensive critical and evaluative thinking; all important relationships between elements are explored to derive convincing arguments.Effective critical discussion and evaluation of arguments, with some relationships between components explored to derive convincing arguments.Adequate critical discussion and evaluation of propositions; includes some inconsistencies that detract from the whole.Describes critical analysis and evaluation of propositions or arguments; some inconsistencies that limit the strength of the analysis. Lacks evaluation and discussion.Does not adequately critically discuss and evaluate; no evidence based support for arguments.Structure-­‐introduction-­‐organisation-­‐conclusion20%Structure and sequence are used comprehensively to help integrate ideas or support logical argument. Soundly structured throughout.Ideas are sequenced in an effective, logical and satisfying way;connections between different themes or sections are well made. Some errors that do not interfere with the whole.Sequence and structure are adequate, logical and easy to follow. Some inconsistencies that detract from the whole.Well enough structured to make sense; could be better organised and more tightly focused upon the questions. Instances of irrelevance or confusion.Structure and organisation of the argument is poor; inadequate logical structure used to organise ideas; errors that detract from the whole.Research-­‐use of information (including secondary research)-­‐preparation-­‐citations-­‐references10%Evidenced or critical or thoughtful sorting and selection of a wide range of resources and data. Comprehensive and accurate. Answers to questions fully supported by the evidence. Accurate academic referencing convention citing multiple sources.Conclusions are fully supported by appropriate and well organised data. May be some minor omissions. Sources fully referenced and academic referencing generally accurate.Well researched with good use of material and resources. Most information is appropriate, consistent and supportive of the conclusions drawn. Sources of information acknowledged with minor referencing errors.Generally accurate and appropriate selection of resources and data; some incomplete, unsupported or inconsistent information. Supportive of the conclusions. Limited sources of information acknowledged with few referencing errors.Evidence and information is not found to support the answers to the questions. Academic referencing style is not applied consistently.Presentation-­‐presentation quality-­‐language-­‐grammar10%Confident and precise use of language; mastery of style and tone. Accurate application of grammar.Language use demonstrates precision and expressiveness as well as clarity. Grammatically sound presentation.Language is generally sound and clear throughout. Grammatically sound with some minor errors that do not detract from the whole.Clear enough to be understood; some confused or unclear expression. Spelling, punctuation and grammar generally satisfactory but likely to need attention.Not able to be understood; confused or unclear expression. Spelling, punctuation and grammar unsatisfactory.


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