Impacts Of Corona Virus On The Stock Market

Impacts Of Corona Virus On The Stock Market


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Soc 263-V1

Second Examination, Chapters 6-10.

A good two or more paragraphs on each question, 20 points each.

1. This is from the forum discussion from chapter 6: What are sexual values? From where do people in general American society derive (form) sexual values? I would like you to reconsider these two questions in light of the subsequent readings you have had and then discuss trends in sexual relationships.

The moral guidelines which people follow with regards to sex are what sexual values are. Sources of sexual values are quite varied but religion, families, education system and the government are the main sources. Religion for example teaches a puritan approach (absolutism) while there are others such bas relativism and hedonism. The latter supports free will at length with regards to sexual choices.

While values on the face value are heavily about the society, there is more to that since sex has consequences. Of the consequences of the values that one follows is pregnancy and child bearing; a responsibility which can be a burden if the child that comes forth is not intended. Among sources of sexual values are media and peers. Upon marriage, however, sexual values are highly sourced from the partner as the immediate society is that of the spouses.

2. In chapter 7, same sex relationships and marriages were discussed. Consider all the issues of being same-sex parents.

Same sex parents are a bit different in that there is a sense of egalitarian ideology that works. The work at home, finances, parenting, decision making are all shared. This is not the same as a traditional heterosexual family where the man may have a greater economic role to play while have less of the house work to handle. There are problems that may come as a result of being gay parents (same sex parents) specifically regarding acceptance from the society. Talks of say, lesbian parents having trouble raising a boy would make it a real issue with the argument that only a man would raise a real man. Gay and lesbian families might have concerns with regards to discrimination in parenting as well as custody arrangements. The gender identity status may be brought up during custody disputes. This can be quite an issue even in courts of law in identifying the parents and their claims.

Same sex families might not be accepted by their extended families. This has a likelihood of causing psychological stress and trauma specifically to the children. There are increased cases of adopted children by gay and lesbian couples. This increases the problems associated with rearing non-biological children. Ethical issues are also raised when lesbians result to ART to get babies. While homosexual parents may find it hard explaining some aspects to healthcare professionals, school professionals and relatives, it gets harder to retain a family that’s not sanctioned by the society.

3. What is the function of marriage and what changes do the authors identify as occurring after marriage?

Primarily, marriage serves to fulfill a role of companionship and intimacy. This role has remained unchanged over time as a host of other roles in family have kept evolving. This is the primary function between partners coming together for marriage. Other functions, which are not necessarily those hoped for by the couple include:

i. Binding together male and female together who will reproduce, provide physical care for their dependent young, socialize them into becoming productive members of the societal and to replaces those who die.

ii. Protect children by giving the state legal leverage to force parents to be responsible for their offspring whether they stay married or not.

Recently, marriage has gained a greater degree of importance at preventing the spread of STIs through regulation of sexual behavior. This is based on the expectation that the husband and wife are supposed to remain faithful to one another. This faithfulness would thus curb tendencies to have several sexual partners which is a risk factors at causing STIs. Marriage has also served to foster a protective, educational and religion function. This has however been overtaken by legal, educational and religious organizations.

4. Discuss the variation in economic roles (money, work, and relationships) that now exist within families—from single-income to two-income couples

When people are single, their work doesn’t necessarily influence their life choices greatly. They move places but it gets deeper when people get married. Marriage means that people move close to where they work preferably together if they wish to continue living in the same house. If they work different locations, such as two different cities, one person is forced to look for a job closer to their partner. Alternatively, they end having a commuter marriage.

A couple is likely to make more money when both of them are working. This is especially more pronounced when they live in the same house such that they share bills on such things as rent, heating and electricity and water. Such a family where both are earning report higher marital satisfaction than when only one of them is earning. If, however, a family exists where only one person is earning while their partner isn’t making money, there is a financial strain on the one earning. That also reduces any ability to save and has a negative impact on the finance of the family. If the one earning is the wife, the husband may be more involved at home chores.

4. Discuss reasons why women stay in abusive relationships. Currently, what are the trends concerning domestic violence as discussed on social media and public discourse?

Most people remain in abusive relationships because they are emotionally attached to them. This extreme investment into someone emotionally makes it too hard to leave especially if they have been together for long. Another reason is genuine love for someone. One that loves another genuinely may even feel guilty of leaving the abusive partner. If abuse is only one aspect of the relationship, that can also make a person stay in an abusive relationship. Other bits would be that of an extremely loving and caring person when he is not abusive.

There are those who fear that they will be lonely without their abusive lover. They are thus rather be stuck with such a partner instead of being alone. There is also a case of emotional dependency and also commitment in relationships such as that of feeling that they signed up into it ‘for better for worse’. Some also do hope that their partners would change for the better with others viewing as if the violence is legitimate. In case of the latter, the abused take self-blame feeling that they must have done something that warranted the violence. Among the most unfortunate things however are guilt especially when the person is sick (e.g. cancer). Others have no option out due to economic dependency and feel that they have no place to go. Finally, there is isolation where the abused feels that there is no one to turn to.

Most violence happens in private and behind closed doors. Social media platforms are being formed where people can speak up and share experiences that they have gone through. This specifically helps create a network of support group of victims of domestic violence such that they don’t feel alone.

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