How Parents Influence Kids’ Gender Roles’ under the Week 7 Content



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Please answer and post thoughtful responses and comments to the following questions for the weekly discussion topic.

1. Watch the video, ‘How Parents Influence Kids’ Gender Roles’ under the Week 7 Content. Discuss the major ideas of the video. Are mothers and fathers’ roles within families changing? If so, how? If not, why not?

2. Define the concepts of family from the sociological perspective. What does the family mean to you? How does this definition vary from the definitions you’ve used in other contexts? Why is “family” a difficult concept to define today?

3. Why are some couples choosing to cohabit before marriage? What effect does cohabitation have on marriage? Explain using an example.

4. Explain the arguments for and against gay and lesbian families and describe what research has revealed about children of gay and lesbian parents.

5. What social issues involve age disaggregation (breakdowns into groups) of a population? What kind of sociological studies would consider age an important factor?

6. Think of the schools you have attended. What are some ways that conflict theorists would say that the school perpetuates class differences? Explain using an example.

7. Make a list of all the biases, generalizations, and stereotypes about elderly people that you have seen or heard. Try to rate the items on your list. Which lists can be considered myths? Which frequently turn into discrimination?

Use APA parenthetical citations in your text and include a reference list at the end of your post. When you refer to and/or discuss any resources, you need to include a citation for that source. 

Video – Video – How Parents Influence Kids’ Gender Roles –

OpenStax Introduction to Sociology – Chapter 13 – Aging and Elderly  and Chapter 14 – Marriage and Family

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