Globe & Mail Investigation Reveals

Globe & Mail Investigation Reveals


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Globe&Mail investigation reveals “How shady lenders with drug-crime connections are using B.C. real estate to clean dirty money!”. Read the enclosed article published on Feb 17th, 2018, and answer the following questions:

What is the problem statement? draft a statement within the range of 80-160 words.
Who are the major stakeholders of this practice? draw a diagram.
If you are a fraud analyst, and you are required to define the scope of your investigation, Draw a diagram(s) to reflect your scope of analysis?
Draft 5-10 business rules that would be used to solve such problem?
Upload your answers in one document as PDF file. You do not need to use MS Visio to draw your diagrams, I am happy to see your handwritten drawings, however, they must be clean, neat and well written. Use your mobile camera to take a shot and include it in your document.

Here is the article:

PressReader: The Globe and Mail Metro (Ontario Edition), Saturday, February 17, BC Housing Crisis.pdf

Students are requested to follow the following:

Your submissions should take no more than 3-5 pages [not including a cover page].
The structure of the document should consists of:
Cover page that shows your name, course title and number, assignment name.
Executive Summary: 1-3 paragraphs to summarize (your understanding of the case, your approach & BA techniques used, your analysis and conclusions) [1/2 to 1 page]
Approach and BA Techniques: explain your approach and what BA techniques you used [1/2 to 1 page]
Analysis & Conclusion: show your models, explain the insights you learned by applying them, and the conclusions. [2-3 pages]
Must use the techniques we learned in this course and/or the Foundations. i.e. model a DFD, Root Cause Diagram, Pareto Diagram, Stakeholder Analysis,…etc. So you are expected to draw diagrams and explain the insights and conclusions learned from them.
If you do not know how to use any modelling software, You may hand-draw the model in a clear and neat form, take a picture and attach it.
Everything is included. If you need a copy of Babok see atatched

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