Global Perspective in Media, Reaction Paper Example

 Veiled bodies −− naked racism: culture, politics and race in the Sunis completely about the manner in which individuals seek to attack Muslim women simply because they choose to wear a veil, as it is part of their culture. Without a doubt, Gholam Khiabany and Milly Williamson do a magnificent job of proving how the recent ‘debateabout the veil by senior politicians and the tabloid press has been nothing but an attack by the powerful on the vulnerable.The fact that the British deem it a threat to their culture that Muslim women wear a veal is entirely irrelevant. The truth behind this is that now that Muslim seek to have a say in political matters that concern them as well, individuals have put in their best efforts to quiet these women by suggesting that they remove their veils because otherwise they are seen as threats to the country.


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 The ideas that these readings provoked for me is are that there should be laws that control the freedom of speech when the things that are being said are offensive to ones culture. Such is the case in this article, where the wearing of the veil by Muslim women is immediately identified with crime and barbarity. The fact of the matter is that British should not be allowed to say such things about a whole culture, for it is things like these that cause problems in the near future. By reading this article, I was able to learn just how much ignorance abounds in the world. I was flabbergasted by the fact that the British have intentionally made it appear as if all women who wear veils, primarily Muslim women, are terrorists. It certainly came as a surprise to learn about the manner in which there are so many individuals willing to go to great extents just to kick a general group of individuals out of a country. What bothered me the most about this was that so much attention was given to these women despite the fact that there are only 2.8% of Muslim women that resides within the British population.

 The reason as to why I was so bothered about this statistic is because even though there is such a small number of individuals who are Muslim women in Europe, the British still have the audacity to refer to these veil-wearing women as terrorist-threats. Probably the greatest question that kept running over in my head as I analyzed the article is Why?I had a difficult time pondering over why individuals would not want beautiful women to be heard. At this moment, I no longer question it, but rather, it infuriates me that people would be willing to call other people terrorist threats when they are simply trying to live their lives. The problem with all of this is that the media has played a huge role in ensuring the other individuals come to believe that Muslim women are bad and that they are simply hindering the British from excelling in their communication. Of course, what the media is portraying is all lies, but the public does not know that.

 On another note, something that the readings fail to consider are the Muslim womens feelings about the situation. The reason this is vital to understand this is because if the women are not in conformity with what is going on, they may protest or boycott certain services in the future, which would bring business down in numerous location. Therefore, it would be wise to include emotions in the readings, as they would serve as a trajectory to know which businesses would fall and which would rise in the approximate future.

 The manner in which these readings will be able to contribute significantly to my final papers is in the manner by which they will be able to provide me with new insight on how to approach certain dilemmas going on throughout the world. Through these readings, I will also become more aware of how to communicate effectively through my writing in order to be able to convey my message across.


Khiabany, G., & Williamson, M. (2009, February 2). Veiled bodies naked racism: culture, politics and race in the Sun. Retrieved from

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