Fundamentals Of Management Discussion

Fundamentals Of Management Discussion


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Question 1 of 20

Kurt Lewin’s “calm waters” metaphor sees change as:

A. an unusual event.

B. the natural state of things.

C. unfortunate.

D. avoidable

Question 2 of 20

The last steps of the HRM process deal with:

A. performance and compensation.

B. training and compensation.

C. compensation only.

D. skills.

Question 3 of 20

Which of the following steps in the creativity process may take years before the idea finally “gels” and the next step occurs?

A. Perception

B. Incubation

C. Inspiration

D. Innovation

Question 4 of 20

What do the written essay, critical incidents, graphic rating scales, and BARS evaluation methods have in common?

A. They compare individuals against standards.

B. They are multiperson comparisons.

C. They compare one employee to his or her peers.

D. They rank employees by performance.

Question 5 of 20

__________ actively support innovation and every step of the process that leads to innovative ideas.

A. Idea champions

B. Idea managers

C. All managers

D. Champion managers

Question 6 of 20

An actor on stage getting “up” for a performance is an example of which of the following?

A. A negative aspect of stress

B. A positive aspect of stress

C. A condition not related to stress

D. Both a positive and a negative aspect of stress

Question 7 of 20

This is the most important factor in determining how much pay an employee receives.

A. Education level

B. Experience

C. The type of job the employee has

D. The amount of time and effort the employee puts into the job

Question 8 of 20

An accept error occurs when an applicant:

A. who is hired performs poorly on the job.

B. who is not hired would have performed well on the job.

C. who is not hired is hired by another firm.

D. who is hired performs adequately on the job.

Question 9 of 20

Which method of reducing resistance to change is most likely to backfire on the manager who uses it?

A. Education and communication

B. Negotiation

C. Participation

D. Manipulation

Question 10 of 20

__________ refers to the ability to combine ideas in a unique way or to make unusual associations between ideas.

A. Innovation

B. Imagination

C. Creativity

D. Open-minded thinking

Question 11 of 20

If several efforts between a manager and an employee for reducing resistance to change fail to allay employee fears, a manager might take him- or herself out of the process and try this.

A. Facilitation and support

B. Negotiation between parties

C. Manipulation

D. Participation

Question 12 of 20

According to the EEOC, sexual harassment is __________ that creates a hostile environment, interferes with a person’s work or diminishes the person’s employment opportunities.

A. any speech

B. any unwanted or unsolicited speech or physical conduct

C. any speech of a sexual nature

D. any speech or physical conduct of a sexual nature

Question 13 of 20

A major criticism of workplace spirituality is whether:

A. individuals have the right to discuss religion in the workplace.

B. organizations have the right to impose spiritual values on employees.

C. a spiritual organization can engage in making profits.

D. workplace spirituality decreases productivity.

Question 14 of 20

The first three activities of the human resource management (HRM) process are about:

A. recruiting.

B. planning.

C. training.

D. downsizing.

Question 15 of 20

__________ variables are thought to promote innovation.

A. Structural, cultural, and human resource

B. Organic, cultural, and tolerant

C. Structural, ambiguous, and tolerant

D. Cultural, ambiguous, and tolerant

Question 16 of 20

A job specification is:

A. a list of job qualifications only.

B. a detailed description of the job.

C. the description of a job that is used by an employment agency.

D. usually several pages in length.

Question 17 of 20

The Americans with Disabilities Act is an example of which of the following forms of environmental change?

A. Internal

B. Technology

C. Government laws and regulations

D. Labor markets

Question 18 of 20

An employee’s blood pressure rises, indicating a(n) __________ symptom of stress.

A. psychological

B. behavioral

C. emotional

D. physical

Question 19 of 20

Which multiperson employee evaluation method allows for two or more employees to get the same rating?

A. Group-order ranking

B. Individual ranking

C. Paired comparison

D. 360-degree feedback

Question 20 of 20

Which form of on-the-job training might have a trainee working with a single mentor from the organization?

A. Vestibule training

B. Simulation exercises

C. Understudy assignments

D. Job rotation

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