Film The Watermelon Woman Thechnique Discussion

Film The Watermelon Woman Thechnique Discussion

I’m working on a film test / quiz prep and need a sample draft to help me learn.


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Hi again! I am working on the post test for my Film and Cultural Representations course.

Discuss Dunye’s quasi-documentarial technique in “The Watermelon Woman.” What are some examples of the types of media she employs? Why do you think she uses these different types of media in her film and to what end?

Compare and contrast Birth of a Nation to Within Our Gates.

Select one of the categories of racial stereotypes in Ethnic Notions and explain its origins and impact.

Compare and contrast Epp, Flory, and Laski in regard to their commentaries on Spike Lee’s use of blackface in Bamboozled.

  • I’ve attached lesson readings that cover their views but I also found this website that did a great job of comparing the commentaries:…

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