Environmental Policy Instruments And Evaluation

Environmental Policy Instruments And Evaluation

First, choose a country. It can be your home country or another country of your preference. Identify a specific environmental policy you’re interested in from the chosen country.

Section 1: Environmental policy instruments (total: 25 points, about 400 words).
Within the chosen environmental policy, identify the policy instrument(s).
• First, describe the policy instrument(s) in your own words in a few sentences.
• Second, categorize the policy instrument(s) into the typology by Vedung (1998), which differentiates instrument(s) by their level of state intervention. Explain your categorization in one or two sentences.
• Third, explain the effects of the policy instrument(s) by using the actor triangle (Knoepfel et al. 2001), or in other words, explain who wins and who loses from the policy?
• Fourth, based on your analysis of winners and losers, describe the trade-offs between optimal and politically feasible policy choices in this case? In other words, which policy instrument(s) would be optimal (or feasible respectively), and, would this policy instrument(s) also be politically feasible (or optimal respectively)?
You may use all sources of information, including what you have learned as a newspaper reader in your country. What empirical evidence is there available or what information have you heard? When there are subjects about you that have little information, then make an “educated guess” and make this explicit in your assignment. The assignment serves to show that you understand and can work with the concepts, not that you have all information about the country and the instrument(s).

Section 2: A policy evaluation (total: 25 points, about 400 words)
In Section 1 of the exam, you choose a specific (or several) policy instrument(s). Now think of the policy more widely (actors, goals, means, time-choices). Design your own evaluation study for the policy that you chose.
• Design the evaluation on the basis of the steps presented in the lecture and in the course material.
• Give particular attention to which evaluation criteria you would choose and how you think you can research the achievement of these criteria.
• If not already covered, how would you research the effectiveness of the policy?

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